Duct Tape IPod Case!!!!





Introduction: Duct Tape IPod Case!!!!

About: I love mustaches, the color aqua, hippos, and duct tape!! I love to hang out with friends and I've always wanted to go to paris;)!

Materials Duct tape Cardboard Pen/pencil Scissors

Step 1: Tracing

Trace your iPod/iPhone on the cardboard and cut it out

Step 2: Wrapping

Wrap the cardboard with whatever color you picked of duct tape

Step 3: Top

Put the cardboard under your iPod and put some duct tape on top and duct tape it to the cardboard and then cut a little hole for the camera do that on the back to

Step 4: Bottom

Do the same ad the top so cut a hole thanks and comment favorite and follow ! Thanks for checking this out!!! -aqua 12



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    Yah you totally could!!;))

    Great job aqua, I'm guessing you could use it on an iPad too?


    Thanks! @TimeTheBoss11

    But thanks for checking it out and giving your opinion;(

    The cardboard will protect it;(

    It's honestly pretty ugly. The holes are cut pretty badly. Looks like it was done very quickly without care.
    I agree with SockMonkey,
    It needs a plastic case underneath the tape. The tape certainly isn't going to protect the phone in a fall.
    It's an interesting concept but needs better execution.

    How would you put a plastic covering on it and do u like it cuz you only talked about ypurs