Step 11: Step 11: Center the Boom and Tape the Centerpiece to the Spar

I love this build and I know it was done for the duck tape challenge but is there other more permanent materials to use for the joints and spars??<br>I want one of these for my mountainboard but dread paying the price of a real one.
<p>Hello</p><p>what would you do with this kite?</p><p>i mein, it is to small to fly with it like a hangglider...</p><p>And it looks to heavy to send it up into the sky with a line like a toy-Kite...</p>
<p>hey, im kinda confused if using a kayak how exactly would you use this.... i mean what does it do?</p>
do you have a video of this? <br>I know kites but I don't know anythign about kite wings. just by looking at the photos it doesn't look like you have enough area to generate enough pull versus the weight. <br>I'm wondering if coming up with a parafoil design and eliminating the bamboo altogether may give you much better pull with a fraction of the weight for the same area. <br>I also wonder how strong the plastic drop cloth is? i wonder if something like mylar (space blanket) may work better? it's strong without adding weight. <br>I realize that you were doing this for the duct tape challenge but I also think that clear packing tape may work better. it's just as strong but much lighter than duct tape. <br>just talking off the top of my head. I definently commend your inginuity. I'd like to build one of these but I don't think i get good enough winds where I live.
yeah..this was all about the duct tape challenge. I've had some good winds and it tugs like crazy but I haven't finished my landsurfer yet and I'm chicken to try it with my inline skates. certainly mylar is a better choice and packing tape also in this particular case would be good, too. this is not a kite for height rather for traction nearer the ground...like this... <br> <br>http://www.kitewing.com/ <br>
where do u tie the nylon cord to ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
nylon cord was used along the trailing edge. just tie it at the back end of each of the wing spars. it gives you an 'edge' to fold the sailcloth over.
mabie if you used a light tarp and aluminum rods and make it bigger you could add lots of asfety harnesses and fly on it yourself
looks like something that davinci would fly. nice job sir. but can i use pvc and connectors
I've not tested the tensile strength of duct tape...but the bamboo is MUCH stronger than pvc...not nearly so brittle...the duct tape has some 'give' to it which seems to help under a load...I'd call around to local nurseries or just ask somebody with a field of bamboo...they're often happy to let you take as much as you need...good luck!
Hey McGyver!
no kidding, they tested that episode on mythbusters
I recall that..didn't they try to put an engine on it? THAT'S the myth they busted (I know...they burst). this isn't intended as a hang-glider but as a 'KiteWing'
Yeah, it was because the engine was too heavy or something like that<br><br>nice design anyways! I am waiting for a video
Atlanta area's not the best for a summer breeze. 8^{
D:<br><br>Well when you get a video make sure to put it on!
What a good looking scientist!!! Someone has a lot of time on their hands :0)!!! Thumbs up though!!
It is beautilful!
looks like the one Wicket and Cindel used! haha :D
lol! perhaps I should change the name to &quot;Duct Tape Ewok Hangglider&quot;
Glad to see bamboo getting some love. Great build.
<br> Nice build - Could be lighter!&nbsp; Design would be ideal for <a href="http://www.premierrc.com/products.shtml">vector thrust control&nbsp; </a><br> <br>

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