In the start of my junior year (High School), I decided to make a boat with a friend. After a month, the kayak/boat was complete, and we tested it out in the school pool. It was a great success - I was able to stand on the kayak and not flip it over!

I also wrote an article, Tungstite the Kayak: Sink or Swim? for my school magazine. Read it if you're interested in the backstory of making this Kayak.

Thank you hyroc346 for inspiration, fellow engineering club members, and coach George for letting us use the pool.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

For the boat
12m 1" PVC pipe
4m .5" PVC pipe
1×.5m Wooden plank
50 Zip-ties
2 rolls Duct tape
2 foam blocks (size that fits the bottom of your kayak)
2 1×1' foam pad
Nylon String
1 chair (salvage it from somewhere)

For outriggers (optional)
12m 1×2" wood
4 Water dispenser bottles
8 Drywall screws

For the Paddle
2m 1" aluminum pipe
40×40cm Acrylic sheet
4 nuts, 4 bolts, 4 washers (any size will suffice)

Hand drill
<p>to make it stable, add a piece of PVC on the bottom arching down, it'll stableize and keep it going forward, try it, great insructable!</p>
Cool kayak umma try making one. I love stuff like that and I am always fiddling with little projects now ill try this one
as a kayaker i have to say this is pretty cool. i love white water how ever i have been trying to find a way to get my son use to the boat on flat water before introducing him to the river i think this is perfect for the job. good job buddy.
Commercially made kayaks have a type called Sit Upon; the whole design isn't practical for this construction but they're wider across the base and more stable. Used for pole fishing and general recreation. If you build another boat it's a mod to think about. <br/>Very cool project!
Way Cool.
That's just cool.
That's just cool.
Took the words right out of my mouth with the second paragraph. <br> <br>I urge you to continue with projects like these. I'm a graduating senior in high school this year, and colleges love this stuff. Community service is important, but so is ingenuity and initiative. Keep it up!
Thanks! I'm planning on doing more projects like this - maybe a Go-Kart.
hello, good project, is posible to set the center of gravity a little bit ahead?
Yes, as I mentioned in step 7, this is one of the things I'll keep in mind if I happen to make another boat. You would simply attach the chairs more on the front.
Love it, great project for the summer! Is it stable without the water bottles?
It is stable without the water bottles - it takes time to get used to it, though.
Nice project and 'structable! Great photos.
Wonderful! Just amazing!
Sorry, I did see that you mention epoxy. I'll bet with a little shopping around you could find some tee connectors to use.
That's a great suggestion, although it's hard to get those materials in Shanghai where I live. But yes, using tee connectors would make the skeleton easier to make (and stronger).
This is a nice project. Did you consider using PVC cement, at least for the joints you could?
next time they have swim practice pull this out and race

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Bio: High school student in Shanghai American School. Founder and leader of the school's Engineering Club.
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