Strong as leather and only cost me the price of a roll of duct tape ,an old buckle, and a couple of hours.

1 roll of duct tape.
1 belt buckle
1 13in. x 7in. piece of card board
2 13in. x 5 in. pieces of card board

Hole Punch

Step 1: The belt

Picture of The belt
First a quick calculation take your waist size add 3 inches and doubble the result. this is how long to mak the belt strips.
Between 2 tables run the first strip adhesive side down then add 4 more layers on top.
now measure and mark the center and cut a small slit.

chipper352 years ago
This lighting is a bit dim in a few of these photos, and maybe because of that, some people might not take this Instructable too seriously. A careful look, though, will reveal an EXCELLENT PROJECT/ITEM!  This is very cool!
raith (author)  chipper352 years ago
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them, and yeah my photography skills need some work