Duct tape is awesome!

It's an incredibly versatile, useful, practical material brought home by the troops after WW2.  Now duct tape is part of everyday DIY and popular culture, perfect for use in whimsical and fun creations! 

The Instructables editors have chosen some of our best do-it-yourself duct tape projects to educate and inspire you to make great things with easily-available tools.

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Make this unique duct-tape and fabric tote with absolutely no sewing - no kidding!  This project, inspired by the awesome book Simply Sublime Bags by Jodi Kahn, takes less than an hour to whip up, and...
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There are thousands of things to make out of duct tape. If you work with duct tape often you probably know how versatile it really is. You can make bags, wallets, clothing, anything really. These are ...
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This is no wimpy school backpack.  This pack can hold everything you need for a week-long backpacking trip for about $25.  Made mainly of duct tape and some PVC pipe it is light weight yet durable.  M...
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An easy duct tape project that can be done in an evening. Last minute gift for your girlfriend perhaps?
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This Instructable completely details the construction of a duct tape messenger bag. This includes the bag structure and hardware to make it useful. It can be made and ready to use within a few hours....
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step by step: how to make a bag out of duct tape! This is the simple, plain version.  You Will Need: - ruler - any color roll of duct tape - razor/x-acto knife/scissors 
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This is an instructable on how to make a duct tape backpack.  I have been looking all over the internet to find a may to make a backpack like this.  I finally gave up and decide to try making it mysel...
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this is what it will look like when done.
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A while back, I bought a folding canopy because I have very little shade in my backyard. I don't want to leave it out all the time, so it is usually folded in my shed. The extra hardware has nowhere t...
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This is my first Instructable it is a bag made out of duct tape all you need is: 1 roll of duct tape a pair of scissors and a rectangular wooden frame   
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This instructable will show you how to make a modular messenger bag.  The best part is it can cost less than $20. Constructive criticism is welcome as I am new to this. If you enjoy this instructable...
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I was in need of a laptop sleeve for my computer but wanted to construct my own. this is how to make one easily on a cheap budget. Materials: 1. 2 rolls of duct tape different colours recommended 2. ...
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I have seen a few duct tape laptop case instructables but they either involved modifying a jiffy bag (which is a good idea but just didn’t look ‘pretty’ or ‘neat’ enough for me personally ) or cardboa...
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I recently bought a digital camera on ebay. Since it came without a camera bag i thought: Why not build on made of Duct Tape. By the way: As stated before I am not a native speaker and I did not know ...
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This is my first duct tape project. It took me about a total of 8 hours to make. I'm sure that  once you get it down you can shave off some of that time.
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This is an instructable that will teach you how to make a duct tape beach bag for the beach or just about anything else! Be sure to post comments and vote!!
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How to make a versatile and TOUGH tool tote out of items around the house. This was inspired by and AWP tool bag that I purchased last year, and some Craftsman tool bags that I have seen at hardware s...
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I originally made this as a gift to my mom. It takes about a whole role of duct tape about 2 hours. I made 2 more after that for both my grandmothers.well anyways hope you enjoy!!!
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