Duct Tape Belt With Altoids Buckle





Introduction: Duct Tape Belt With Altoids Buckle

In order to make this you need:
duct tape
altoids can
5 minutes
i made this at home while i was bored. i used duct tape because i have a lot of it and the altoids since it was the right size. i thought of this because i forget my alot when i go to school.

Step 1: Making the Belt

take your duct tape and measure your waist, be sure to give yourself some slack. when you get the right length fold the tape in half.

Step 2: The Buckle

once you have your belt cut a square of tape and attach your belt to the altoids can with it.

Step 3: Putting It On

once you have your belt on take what slack you have fold it up tuck it in the altoids can and shut the lid.



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