in this instructable, i will explain how my son and i made a duct tape body for Halloween.

you will need:

2-3 rolls of duct tape
sharp scissors
old clothes: long sleeve shirt, long pants and socks (will be ruined, so nothing nice)
old clothes for the dummy to wear
poly fill, newspapers, plastic bottles, shipping peanuts, basically anything you can stuff a body with
a tan pair of gloves
old shoes or boots

Step 1: Tape It Up!

have your guinea pig- i mean model- wear the old clothes.

start with the feet. start layering the tape using strips about 10 inches long.put the 1st strips on horizontally. pull all holes closed before you tape over them! you DO NOT want the tape on your skin! after you have taped all the way to the waist, start over at the feet, this time putting the strips on vertically. this adds strength to the body.

the 1st night i taped from the feet to waist. i put the tape on sorta loose (baggy clothes are GREAT for this) this enabled us to get the duct taped 'suit' off with minimal cutting. be sure you overlap the strips of tape slightly. this binds the body together.

you will probably have to slit the feet and ankles to get the 'suit' off. once you've helped the model wiggle out of the suit, simply tape up the cuts, using 1st a horizontal layer, then vertical.

you may go ahead and stuff from the waist down if you like. i used poly fill in the feet, stuffing it firm. for the calves, i used 2 liter plastic cola bottles. more 2 liter bottles + poly fill for the thighs, and tons of plastic grocery sacks for the fanny.
you can actually also get duct tape stuff to go along with it too - tapedcoats.zxq.net its pretty okay(ordered some stuff last week). btw did u use all 3 rolls(cuz i onlyt have 2 and a half)
i forget his name but theres a street artist that does things similar to this, lik a man leaning into a wall but his head goes into the wall, or little men made out of what i think is cellaphane holding up bent sing post, great stuff
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://xmarkjenkinsx.com/">http://xmarkjenkinsx.com/</a><br/>
could be used as armor ...though it would be hard to move. ...and take off ...but would be awesome to go down a slide in it.
oh yeah. it was VERY hard to move in, and Josh said it was really sweaty inside it too!

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