Picture of Duct tape boomerang
So, I poked in a cupboard and found some corrugated card and some really cool digital-camouflage duct tape.

Obviously it was time to Make Something.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
This is really simple - some corrugated card, some duct tape, and something to cut them with.

(That was a really short step, wasn't it?)

Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
I love making boomerangs, because there are so many shapes that will fly, quite aside the traditional L-shaped device.

If you can't think of your own idea, there is an excellent source of ideas is this database of plans HERE.  They are all intended to be carved from plywood, but you could print one out and trace the design onto your card.

One important point to remember is to round the ends of the wings - it flies better, and it'll do less damage if you clip an innocent bystander.

A note for the sinister;

If you are left-handed, then you will need to make (and throw) your boomerangs in a mirror-image of what I show here.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Cut your design out of the corrugated card, and then cut narrower pieces to lay along the leading edge of the boomerang's wings.  These will lift the tape up to form the required wing-like profile.

Step 4: Taping

Picture of Taping
First, use small pieces of tape to anchor the extra pieces.

Then, wrap the whole thing in duct tape.  Try and avoid lumps and flaps that will spoil the airflow around the wing.
KnowledgeR5 days ago
I like urw idea and I am going to try it soon
Kiteman (author)  KnowledgeR5 days ago

Cool - post a picture *before* you throw it, though...

smileys9 months ago

Decided to try my own spin on this design, made this with some bicycle cards, glue, and clear protective enamel. Threw it outside but it was dark, and over black asphalt (probably a bad idea in hindsight) it did come back... but could not see it at all until it landed near me, will have to test it some more at the park when there is more daylight =P. Nice Design.

Kiteman (author)  smileys9 months ago

That looks very cool - you should make another and write it up!

Jobo171 year ago
look at this... THANK YOU!!!
13, 11:34 AM.jpg13, 11:34 AM.jpg
Kiteman (author)  Jobo171 year ago
Wow, that's awesome!

(Check your inbox.)
really cool digital-camouflage duct tape.
that pattern is called UCP, designed for all terrains, although not optimized for any environment. :-(
Kiteman (author)  thematthatter1 year ago
It worked in Golden Gate Park...
Mic1003 years ago
Thanks for this instructable :)

can we have vidéo ?
Kiteman (author)  Mic1003 years ago
Unfortunately, it is lost somewhere in Golden Gate Park.

We're never going to find it, it's camouflaged!
So thats why i found a pile of camo duct tape in the grass. Darn i threw it in the trash D:
Kiteman (author)  c3ralki1l3r2 years ago
jamob2 years ago
If you don't mind my asking what kind of pocket knife is that. And very nice design I'm planning to make it soon!
Kiteman (author)  jamob2 years ago
It's a Leatherman Juice XE6 - I won it back in 2007.
rimar20003 years ago
These "trimerangs" fly very well.
Kiteman (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Thank you.
canucksgirl3 years ago
Nicely done. Is this the official British-Aussie-American version? :P
Kiteman (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Haha, no, it's the official "hang on, I've been at HQ a day and a half, and I haven't made something yet, but I've left the sketches for my planned project in the apartment!" version.
So where's the "Reminder Board with Camo Duct Tape Frame" for the front door Instructable? lol. :)