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I'd like to share my idea for making a sort of finger handle, for the GameBoy Micro. Great for us with long boney fingers, having a thing for small electronic devices.
It only adds a few millimeters of thickness to the Micro, in return you'll get great control and never drop it again. (Can't even throw it in rage)
It dosen't get in the way of any functions of the Micro, and you could make one for the left, the right or one for each side. I found that one on the right side is sufficient for me.
You may have to try a few times, to get it just right.

Step 1:

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Materials and tools:
Duct tape (5 cm. wide)

Start off with a 10 cm. piece of duct tape (yes, the handymans secret weapon), maybe even in the color of your Micros backside.

Step 2:

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Then cut it into two pieces, one 3x10 cm., and one 2x10 cm. piece.

Step 3:

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On the 3x10 cm piece, mark points 8 mm. from the edge, along both sides. Then fold the sides to your newly marked points.

Step 4:

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Now roll it around your middlefinger, sticky side out.
NOT too tight, you don't want your finger to be stuck, when the gaming gets hot, and your finger gets fat.

Step 5:

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Now take the 2x10 cm. piece, and stick it 3/4 around the sticky fingerroll...

Step 6:

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...and then attach it to your Micros backside.
Cut off any excess if needed.

Step 7:

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...and still very portable.


Tvman (author)2007-08-10

THX GOD!!!!!!! dude i found one of these in a hotel while i was on a trip and ive been lookin for stuff kinda like this :)

pingvinos (author)Tvman2007-08-10

No more fumbling around with small electronics! Hope this helps you. Have you tried it yet? If not, let me hear what you think about it, when you have.

omnommaster (author)pingvinos2012-01-25

Can you do this with a GameBoy Advance SP?

pingvinos (author)omnommaster2012-01-25

I think it may be too heavy, for this to be practical.

omnommaster (author)pingvinos2012-01-26

ah... ok

Tvman (author)pingvinos2007-08-13

naw i havent tryed it yet but i will try :) i made a case for it because of another instructable but this does look handy tobad i have meaty heands thou =/ i try it enyway :D

Lowney (author)Tvman2009-10-11

 What instructable was it?

Tvman (author)Tvman2007-08-16

man this things hard to make and its kind of annoying to put your finger in it all well it was fun to make it thou :) good instructable if you get a chance make more instructables for micro ppl(people) like us! please!!!!!!! cya

J_SCAP (author)Tvman2008-01-01

wate it was just on a table and you picked it up wow ur lucky if that hapend

salomon1996 (author)J_SCAP2010-08-07

i just got one from a yard sale for $0.50!! no charger or face plates or games :(

omnommaster (author)salomon19962012-01-25

what is a face plate?

salomon1996 (author)omnommaster2012-01-25

they are interchangeable plates to change and design around the buttons

omnommaster (author)2012-01-25

Is that Donky Kong?

pingvinos (author)omnommaster2012-01-25

It's been a while, but I think it's Mario vs. Donkey Kong. :-)

jakee117 (author)2007-09-10


jakee117 (author)2007-09-08

heres an idea i dont have a micro but i believe u could just attach some vlecro to the back and make like a velcro ring and just attach them cause you know duct tape will just wear out

pingvinos (author)jakee1172007-09-09

That's actually not a bad idea jakee117. Although my tape hasn't worn out, but I don't use it that much any more. Duct tape's fun, maybe velcro can be too. ;)

noik (author)2007-07-01

Rather crazy! But considered well !*!

pingvinos (author)2006-08-24

Haha, first ever positive comment over this thing! Thanks Brett! ;)

Brett (author)2006-08-16

Simple, but nice idea. Brett

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