Picture of Duct-tape rain proof jacket with accesories.
This jacket is water proof. Took a little over two weeks to make, about an hour each day. Also took lots and lots of duct tape and is made entirely of it. Tip to not wasting duct tape is dont do it outside where it is subject to wind and bumble bee's. :D

Materials and tools needed: Duct tape, plastic table, scissors, measuring tape, the will to not stop. 
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Step 1: Make the sides of the jacket.

Picture of Make the sides of the jacket.
Lay long strip of duct tape adhesive down, on smooth plastic table. Lay more strips edge over edge so it makes a sheet on the plastic table. Peel sheet up and lay it adhesive up. Cover it with another sheet adhesive on adhesive. Make sure sheet is big and can cover your side from your waist, up to your shoulders. Repeat the process for making the other side of the jacket.

Tip: Measuring tape would be usefull.

Step 2: Making the back of the jacket.

Picture of Making the back of the jacket.
Make another sheet. This time your going to make it nearly five times as wide as the ones for your sides, just to be safe. Also make this high enough to reach from your waist to your shoulders.

Tip: The measuring tape will be usefull here. 

Step 3: Connect the pieces.

Picture of Connect the pieces.
Dont worry, though you are connecting the pieces now, you will add the sleeves later.
Lay the sheets of duct tape that you made in a row face down, left side sheet on the left, back sheet in the middle, and right side sheet on the right. connect the left and middle sheets first by lining them up together and laying many strips of duct tape across them for a seam. Hold it on your back and make sure it covers your whole left side of your upper body, and your back, all the way up to your shoulders. If it reaches all the way to the right side of your body, then its ok and move onto next step. If it does not reach then make it wider by making another smaller sheet and laying it over it. Connect these.