Picture of Duct tape usb stick/thumb drive  holder/wallet
This instructable is on how to make a duct tape holder/wallet for your usb stick/thumb drive! After you make this, all you usb sticks/thumb drives will be in one spot! This is my first instructable. :) ENJOY! (and please vote for me if you like it! :D)

UPDATE! I added a little spot for my Blutooth dongle I bought. I don't have instructions right now, but you just add a smaller pocket in between the bigger pockets.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
for the materials, you will need:
-duct tape
-tape measure or ruler(handy, but optional)
-and, of coarse, usb sticks/thumb drives! (fun stuff)
FrozenIce3 years ago
haha i liked it :) but if u only need 3 flash drives i think if u put 2 on one side, and 1 on the other side (so that its in between the 2 when it closes) wouldnt it be structularly better?? anyway 5* :D
salomon1996 (author)  FrozenIce3 years ago

I don't know if it will or will not be more or less structurally better, I haven't tried it! :P
It might be, you would have to give it a try. :)

Thanks! :D
darkpee44 years ago
would the drives break if you sat on something hard (a bench) ?

but still a really great instructible i will probably make one for my self later to try it out.
salomon1996 (author)  darkpee44 years ago
I really don't know :S

thanks! :D
xX2d161Xx4 years ago
Great idea A++
salomon1996 (author)  xX2d161Xx4 years ago
thanks! :D
vishalapr4 years ago
This is soooooooooo good I loved it x)
salomon1996 (author)  vishalapr4 years ago
thanks! glad you liked it! :D
mucoguy424 years ago
Very nice, i enjoyed making this very much thank you for the great instructible
salomon1996 (author)  mucoguy424 years ago
YOUR WELCOME! glad you had fun making it! thanks for the comment! :D
decyphel5 years ago
Thats awesome, now I know what im going to do with my duct tape :D
salomon1996 (author)  decyphel5 years ago
I think it might fit together a bit nicer if you staggered the placement of the thumb drive pockets. Just an idea. Great instructable, by the way.
salomon1996 (author)  Mr. Weigleweg5 years ago
Good idea. My mom also suggested that. And thank you! :D
bfarm5 years ago
Wear that through an airport security checkpoint.
salomon1996 (author)  bfarm5 years ago
what do you mean? I don't get it :(
it wont look very legal, so it kinda equals a search, if ur lucky :D
salomon1996 (author)  godofal5 years ago
ooOOOoo, i get it! :D
Joelyy5 years ago
What a great idea!
salomon1996 (author)  Joelyy5 years ago
Thanks! :D
SUPER JOB!!!!!!! 5.0 STARS!!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++....ect -Joe :P
salomon1996 (author)  joespicnictables5 years ago
you're welcome!!!