Picture of Duct tape wallet
How to make an easy, fast, and durable (depending on the type of tape you use) duct tape wallet (yes, I know that there are other duct tape wallet designs on Instructables, but I wanted to add my design to the myriad of other duct tape wallet designs).
P.S. Here are some other duct tape wallets on this site
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need: tape (the tougher the tape, the tougher the wallet), scissors, a ruler, and a hobby knife.

Step 2: Begin to make the back and the billfold piece

Picture of begin to make the back and the billfold piece
Cut 4 pieces of 8.5 inch long tape (as shown in step 1) and put the strips together in pairs as shown below so that the strips are 8.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.

Step 3: Finish the back and the billfold piece

Picture of Finish the back and the billfold piece
Take the two pieces of 8.5 by 3.5 tape and put the two sticky sides together to make a sort of "tape fabric" as shown below. Repeat this step to make the back of the wallet. For the back of the wallet, if the tape that you are using is not very thick, you may want to make the back twice as thick as the billfold piece. Both the back and the billfold pieces are shown in the second picture on this step.

Step 4: Create the pieces for the card pockets

Picture of Create the pieces for the card pockets
First, cut off two pieces of 4 inch long by 2 inch wide tape. Second, cut off 2 pieces of 4 inch long by 1.5 inch wide tape.
Finally, stick the two pieces of 4 inch by 2 inch together to make tape fabric. Then do the same with the 4 inch by 1.5 inch tape.

Step 5: Make the piece to hold a card so that it is visible when you open the wallet

Picture of Make the piece to hold a card so that it is visible when you open the wallet
First, make a 4 inch long by 2.5 to 3 inch piece of tape fabric.
Then, cut out a piece of the tape fabric that is a bit smaller than the card you want to put in it so that the card won't fall out. Make sure that the top of it is open so you can slide the card in and out easily. The finished product should look like the piece in the picture below.

Step 6: Make sticky flaps to hold the wallet together

Picture of Make sticky flaps to hold the wallet together
Put 1 inch wide pieces of tape on the sides and bottom edges of the back piece that you made earlier so that there is a 1.5 inch sticky flap on the sides.

Step 7: Assemble the wallet

Picture of Assemble the wallet
First, set the billfold piece on top of the back piece (the piece that you put sticky flaps on in the last step) then put the card pocket pieces on top of the billfold piece. Then, fold the sticky flaps on top of all of the pieces that you set on top of the back piece (the billfold and card pocket pieces), partially securing them onto the rest of the wallet (as shown in the second picture on this step). After that, put a 1 inch wide strip of tape down the middle of the wallet and then trim it to size (the third picture on this step shows this before trimming).

Step 8: Add the final touches

Picture of Add the final touches
Using a hobby knife (be very careful not to cut yourself), cut into the flaps that you folded over and into the strip of tape that you put in the middle so that you can put cards into the pockets (otherwise there wouldn't be enough space to put the cards in).

Step 9: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
You now have your very own duct tape wallet! You may want to fold it in half and set some books on top of it to crease it in the middle. Also, you will have to use it for a little while to break it in. Enjoy!
pinkiesk8tr7 years ago
how many strips??
you will need 8 strips of 8 in.
I doubt that.
spydog45 years ago
great idea!  maybe for the id pocket you could use some clear du(ct) tape or packing tape and make a small piece of "fabric". it might be blurry though   haven't tried yet
smilee5 years ago
Just made mine it is awesome!
mack095 years ago
This was awesome thanks for your guide.
usmcfalife6 years ago
what i noticed is this is a good base for a wallet. i added a second 8.5 by 4in piece out of the 4 pieces of duct tape and taped it with the flaps completing a good sturdy money holder
You could just as easily add more pockets for more cards, right?
benthefish6 years ago
30 minutes later and it didn't turn out bad at all. Thanks
lol mine looks like a cow with rabies
raykholo6 years ago
almost look like a real one from a distance
pinkiesk8tr7 years ago
this is really cool...every time i make 1 i sometimes use it or ill sell it to mi friends cuz im lyk dat! haha ya they dnt care if they dnt kno how to do it and they r happy i cn make it for them
MrStayPuft7 years ago
I made it and love it. For the ID window I cut out a clear binder divider in a rectangle shape.
Great instructable but I have a problem. I built a Duct Tape wallet along time ago and loved it. But I had to get ride of it b/c the adhesive was coming out of all the ends of the pieces and ruined all my cards. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to keep that from happening,sealer or maybe there is a better quality duct idk your ideas would be much appreciated.
two words: pocket protecter
GIANTPANDA7 years ago
this is a great fun thing to make! i made this wallet but i didnt make the left hand card bit as i felt the right hand part would suffice and im so happy with it! i told people at work a was going to make one and they told me to bring it in and they were amazed! and they want me to make them one! i didnt as making it yourself is most of the fun!
gaara0sama17 years ago
Nice! Might I suggest that in the ID window use some leftover plastic like from a child's toy sealed in hard plastic?
kpoldre3217 years ago
Great Instructable! really easy to follow. instead of just doubling the back pieces of tape I tripled. It makes it muck more solid and durable
hey man, thanks for putting this up here. Now I won't have to worry about not having any cool stuff when I go to camp tomorrow. it ROCKS!!!
Andyp188 years ago
Possible update. To keep your ID secure get the tape so its bigger than all sides of the card then cut a square in the middle toshow the info. Tape onto wallet, and slide your card in
cthorpe128 years ago
Finally, stick the two pieces of 4 inch by 2 inch together to make tape fabric. Then do the same with the 4 inch by 2 inch tape. | | shouldn't this one say 1.5?
NumberX (author)  cthorpe128 years ago
Yes, it should.
capnstubbs8 years ago
thanks! i really loved making this one keep up the good work!
hethlee8 years ago
I think it was perfectly fine to add yours as a new instructable- in my opinion. A lot of the ideas on here are variations. I love this project and i'm always looking for better ways to make it (I do them at a summer camp with teen boys) anyways... great instructable. I like your design
mrmath hethlee8 years ago
I'm not trying to be nasty or mean, and I'm CERTAINLY not saying someone should post another version of a previously posted item. I'm just saying that if you are going to do that, you should say that there are others on the site, and links to them would be nice.
hethlee mrmath8 years ago
Maybe NumberX did not realize this. I understand what you are saying. I still think it was okay.
mrmath hethlee8 years ago
The first thing everyone should do before posting on this, or any other site, is search the site to see if they're reposting. You could be right. Maybe he did search and didn't find them. Even if he did find them, and posted a link to them, I still think his posting this version would be ok. hethlee, I think we are in agreement that it was ok for him to post his version of the wallet. I would just recommend the links...
NumberX (author)  hethlee8 years ago
Thank you for your complement. Also, by reading my instructable, you gave me brief control over your mind. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
NumberX (author) 8 years ago
I simply wished to give people a larger choice of designs to make a wallet from. However, I do thank you for your input, and I have edited and will continue to edit my instructable based upon people's input.
mrmath8 years ago
While yours is different, it is not the first on the site. I could be in for some flaming here, but if you're going to post your own variation, it should either be done in the comments (which this is too complex to do), or with some acknowledgement to the others on the site.

So, perhaps you could have started with "I know there are other ducttape wallets on the site, but here's mine."

If I'm off base, or not being nice, please just ignore me, or correct me.
mrmath mrmath8 years ago
OOPS! That was supposed to be duct tape wallets, but I got screwed up in the linking.

That's what the preview button is for, isn't it?
You forgot one. Duct tape wallet