Dude, Where's My Car?

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Introduction: Dude, Where's My Car?

For city-dwellers who park in a different place each time they return home, a simple way to remember where the car is parked: a magnetic key-holding arrow for marking a street map on your fridge.

Step 1: Shape Arrow From Sculpey, Attach Magnets

I used Sculpey polymer clay, pressing two magnets into it and then baking the clay and magnets together. When it cooled, I crazy-glued the magnets onto the arrow.

Step 2: Here's the Front

Here's the front, with the key hook. I painted mine blue.

Step 3: On the Map

Here it is holding a key on the map. That's where the car's parked.



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Questions & Answers


...and another version, "5-Minute Project: A Parking Map For Your Fridge" from the May 2010 Popular Science:

How hot do you need to bake the Sculpey ? Because NdFeB (Neodym) Magnets can't take a lot of heat. Maybee something that hardens just with air and time could be good for that.

275F/130C. We used regular fridge magnets, and they worked fine after baking.

Then they are probably made of ferrit, they can take more heat i think. But neodym loose theyr energy at tempratures of 80C and above. Probably useful information if somebody is gonna reacreate this :)

hehe, good idea. but most times, when I had to remember where i parked my car, i was too drunk to set the marker anyways :) that would be the days when we're out to the old town and take the taxi back