Find some old candles that are scented, I used a vanilla one and some fruity Christmas candle, melt the wax carefully, I put ground coffee in the wax while hot to make it dark & evil, (plus it smells good) and pour in a glass, ceramic, or stoneware dish. I used a flower pot dish of stoneware. When the wax is still a little soft put something dude like in it. I used a skull I had from a gumball machine. I painted it with some evil nail polish. Place it proudly in your dude cave ! And tell your friends, " Dude, this is not an ashtray !" You can put whatever evil or cool item in it as long as it's "Dudeish" ( I guess a girl could make this too, but with some kind of girly object in it :)

Step 1:

<p>You may have to explain to your dudes what Potpourri is </p>
<p>Nice potpourri</p>
<p>Dude don't use any of the little womans good candles !</p>

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