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With this Instructable I am going to show you how to use a SN754410NE Quad H-Bridge IC to control two 12 volt DC Motors.

I have added a video so that you can see the Dual Motor in action.  As you can see in the video, all the wires can be a little confusing to look at.  To make things easier to view and understand as we go along, I have also created an illustration for you to refer to.  You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration.  I have depicted an Arduino board in the illustration, if you already have one you are good to go, if not... you can do like I have and Build Your Own Arduino following another one of my instructables.

Breadboard Illustration - You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration
Duel Motor H-Bridge Setup

Step 1: Parts List

Here is the recommended parts you will need in order to complete this project. I have provided sources where you can purchase items from and their prices.  These parts are available at others sites as well.
  1. Arduino board - $29.95 at CuriousInventor.comor...
  2. Build Your Own Arduino - Total build cost $15.95 at ArduinoFun.com
  3. SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge - $2.50 available at ArduinoFun.com
  4. 840 Tie Point Breadboard - $6.95 available at ArduinoFun.com
  5. Wire Jumper Kit - $12.95 available at ArduinoFun.com
  6. Two DC Motors - $3.99 ea. available at ArduinoFun.com
DISCOUNT: 10% OFF Your Total Order at ArduinoFun.com when you use coupon code "INSTRUCTABLES" at time of checkout.
<p>this project include joystick?</p>
link to &quot;You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration.&quot; isn't working, anybody have this?
Good instructable, I would like to have had a schematic however.
Can the 5V pin on the Hbridge be powered by the 5V power from the arduino? Also for PWM do we just use analogWrite(pin,0-255) on the digitalWrite() that is HIGH or can we just analogWrite() to the enable pin on the Hbridge?
Your links to the diagrams are dead. other than that you have a good instrucable. your code is good and simple.
I'm confused as to why you have in the parts list, the Arduino as well as the build your own arduino.<br><br>Is it a choice? as in either a off the shelf arduino or a homebuilt one?
So can you control the direction the motors go or is it only single directional circute
&nbsp;I really don't understand anything of your code.

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