Picture of Dual Motor Driver with Arduino using a SN754410NE Quad Half H-Bridge

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With this Instructable I am going to show you how to use a SN754410NE Quad H-Bridge IC to control two 12 volt DC Motors.

I have added a video so that you can see the Dual Motor in action.  As you can see in the video, all the wires can be a little confusing to look at.  To make things easier to view and understand as we go along, I have also created an illustration for you to refer to.  You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration.  I have depicted an Arduino board in the illustration, if you already have one you are good to go, if not... you can do like I have and Build Your Own Arduino following another one of my instructables.

Breadboard Illustration - You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration
Duel Motor H-Bridge Setup

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
Here is the recommended parts you will need in order to complete this project. I have provided sources where you can purchase items from and their prices.  These parts are available at others sites as well.
  1. Arduino board - $29.95 at CuriousInventor.com or...
  2. Build Your Own Arduino - Total build cost $15.95 at ArduinoFun.com
  3. SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge - $2.50 available at ArduinoFun.com
  4. 840 Tie Point Breadboard - $6.95 available at ArduinoFun.com
  5. Wire Jumper Kit - $12.95 available at ArduinoFun.com
  6. Two DC Motors - $3.99 ea. available at ArduinoFun.com
DISCOUNT: 10% OFF Your Total Order at ArduinoFun.com when you use coupon code "INSTRUCTABLES" at time of checkout.
yakeen4u11 months ago

this project include joystick?

huyle1 year ago


deshawnbw1 year ago
link to "You may also download a printable PDF file of this illustration." isn't working, anybody have this?
charlely2 years ago
Good instructable, I would like to have had a schematic however.
mhcgusto2 years ago
Can the 5V pin on the Hbridge be powered by the 5V power from the arduino? Also for PWM do we just use analogWrite(pin,0-255) on the digitalWrite() that is HIGH or can we just analogWrite() to the enable pin on the Hbridge?
oshondrom5 years ago
 This is stupid!Jou coud use just 2 digial pins 2 transistors and no other chips!
1) You obviously don't understand the purpose of an H-bridge.
2) You are wrong, you could not drive the motors depicted in AruinoFun's instructable with only 2 transistors. Trying to do so would put strain on the arduino board. Even then, the arduino does not source enough current to fully saturate a high current MOSFET w/o preamp transistors .
3) "This is stupid!" violates the "be nice" policy...
bdughi3 years ago
Your links to the diagrams are dead. other than that you have a good instrucable. your code is good and simple.
hughligen4 years ago
I'm confused as to why you have in the parts list, the Arduino as well as the build your own arduino.

Is it a choice? as in either a off the shelf arduino or a homebuilt one?
So can you control the direction the motors go or is it only single directional circute
amando965 years ago
 I really don't understand anything of your code.