Step 8: Dummy Controls

Picture of Dummy Controls
The dummy chair was controlled by an Arduino micro controller. It was set up so when a button on the wall was pressed, it would initiate a cycle. Once the cycle started it powered the jig saw so the dummy would shake back and forth. The Arduino was also connected to the lights in the room. I used incubators lights that had a nice wire grid protective cover on them. Inside the lights I put Edison style light bulbs. When the button was pressed the lights would flicker on and off to simulate the current draw it would take to electrocute my victim. The last effect triggered by the button press was the eyes of the dummy would glow. Each eye would flicker on and off independently in a nice eerie blue color. After the cycle was complete the saw would stop, the lights would come back on, and the eyes would slowly fade to off as if the electricity was leaving the corpse.

I took two videos showing the sequences, unfortuatley the phone I used to take the video didn't do well in the low light situations. So for the second video I added extra light, not as spooky, but that way you can see what is going on. For some added ambiance, I also built a pseudo fence to divide the room and make it look more like a prison. You can see the fence in the video.

Video Showing the sequence:

Video Showing the sequence with extra lights on so you can see what is happening better: