Here in florida the makings for these walking sticks are fairly easy to come by. I use walking sticks and staffs because of a bad back, they are actually more for when I'm standing still than walking, this one will double as protection or as a zombie basher

Step 1: Find Your Materials

often found around golf courses and middle class neighborhoods duffer sticks turn up in the trash fairly regularly, occasionally you'll find a dufferstick with a useless metallic growth on one end that needs to be removed, often they will have upto a dozen other sticks with various mutated ends in a tall cylindrical container with bumps on the side that protects the duffer fruit,  the round fruit of the duffer comes in a lot of colors from basic white to glow in the dark, it's difficult to predict what color you'll find.

 You will also need a dremel or other cut off and sanding tool, a dril with appropriate sized bit and some form of adhesive
<p>love it </p>
<p>thank you</p>
Cool idea.
For the golf ball. You could use some plasti dip to give it some grip. Over time you might have to re-apply it but I think it might work
Thank you for the idea and the comment. I had considered using that and might if I happen to find some

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