I recently got myself a scroll saw, so I could make more precise and quicker cuts when doing detailed woodworking. I was trying to come up with a cool project to get some initial scroll sawing experience, and then it hit me, right in the face: I've been playing some good old Duke Nukem 3D, and it's pretty hard to miss that nuke/radioactive symbol exploding whenever you boot up the game. I figured you could make a pretty kick-ass coaster with that nuke symbol, so that's what we're going to make in this instructable.

Note that, while I'm using a scroll saw, you can also use a jigsaw or a fret saw just the same. You'll probably make a rougher cut, but that just means you'll need to spend a little more time filing and sanding to end up with a similar result. With that out of the way, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Let's get started!

PS: For the Dukes and Dukettes among you, I couldn't help but sneak 10 of Duke's classy one-liners into this instructable. Do you have the balls of steel to find them all? :) (You' ve already seen 2 so far; 8 to go!)

Table of contents:
  1. Tools and materials
  2. Transfer the line art to wood
  3. Saw the basic shape
  4. Make the beveled edges
  5. Make the nuke's centre
  6. It's colourin' time
  7. Finishing touches

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Scroll saw (alternatively a jigsaw or a fret saw)
  • Plunge router with a 45° chamfer bit, and a straight bit 
    (alternatively wood files and sandpaper can be used)
  • Backsaw (optional)
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper (with a fine grit size)
  • Wood files and/or rasps (half-round and triangular)
  • Small chisel (actually, I used a small flat screwdriver as a chisel)
  • Utility knife
  • Some clamps
  • Printer

  • Small sheet of wood
    (preferably MDF; about 12x12 cm should be plenty, with a thickness of 12 mm)
  • Pencil (a regular no. 2 / HB pencil)
  • Colour pencil (amber-coloured .. or whatever colour you'd like your nuke symbol to be)
  • Sheet of paper and some tape (alternatively, a sheet of transfer paper is even better)
  • Wood glue
  • Clear lacquer (I used a matte lacquer spray)
  • Bubble gum, 'cause I'm all out (optional)

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