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Introduction: Dumbledore's Wand (from Harry Potter)

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Yesterday I got a belt sander, I've wanted one for ages but couldn't afford one, anyway long story short I have one now, as it turned out I needed one because I started a build out of wood( I know right!!) but that's for another instructable when it's finished, in between the other build I had a bit of time to sort out my friends wish for a wand from Harry potter, dumbeldores wand to be exact, it has a name but for the life of me I can't remember, I'm not that into Harry potter to be honest, anyways back to the belt sander, it was the perfect little project to do in a few hours with my new toy. So here's how!

Step 1: Research,

I got my friend ( I'll protect his identity just incase!) to send me a few snap shots of the wand, he sent me two, both different lol, so anyways I went with one of them and found a bit of round wood and marked out the size and basic shape ( 15 inches long, with "knuckles" every few inches)

Step 2: Sanding

So after marking out I clamped the belt sander to my work bench and set about shaping the wand ............. Elder wand! Ha ! Remembered it's name!

Step 3: Detail

So after about an hour of playing with my new toy, I had the basic shape, next was to add detail, on the picture the wand has loads of little dents and holes in the knuckle bits, I used a dremel tool and about 3 different sized bits to make the holes, starting with the big holes and randomly drilling them so they aren't uniform, then working on the middle size drill bit then small, the the time I have the wand clamped down and doing one side at a time

Step 4: Staining

So after the shape and holes where done, a light sand and that's about it,
I used a walnut stain and gave it three coats and waited for them to dry, while working on my other project I got a text saying he sent the wrong picture, the new picture had one less knuckle at the end, so I redid the end and restained it,

Step 5: Detail White Bit,

So the wand has a white band, I used a white gloss and carefully painted it in, called my friend to find a good picture of the detail, he came through with a great picture and that helped loads!
I used a black fine liner to mark in the detail, then clear coated the lot with a satin finish, and that folks is it!

It was a nice little project to break in my sander, the whole thing only took a few hours tops! and my friend loves the wand, so very one wins! Good times !
If your going to have a go at this elder wand I recommend going steady when sanding, it can get pretty thin and fragile very quickly!

Thanks for looking! Happy building!

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i just watched deathly hallows p1 soooooo sad

the hallows, the three brothers, the elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the invisibility cloak.

Could you give us a template or exact measurements.

Excellent DIY project, thanks for sharing...

A perfect use for My old plunger handle.

Great. Thank you for your work and inspiration.

The elder wand, any potterhead knows that

WOW, just looking at this thing is unsettling, good job on it i guess then haha!

ELDER WAND find out last movie and last book I belive too

My ex girlfriend did this, bit with chopsticks and hot glue. looks legit too.

Looks Great.

This is so cool Im going to try it out with my Dremel. Oh and I believe its called the elder wand.

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Haha yeah remembered half way through! But thanks anyway!

This is beautiful! Fantastic job - the details are spot on!

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Thank you jessyratfink! :)

This is awesome :), Thank you so much for sharing :)

This is awesome! Great job!