Picture of Dump Truck Toy using an ordinary matchbox
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This was one of my favorite childhood DIY toys. This is very simple to make and children will play happily for hours with this. I am not sure, in this age of Kinect and Playstation, whether children even care about making their own toys or not :).

This is one of the common DIY toys in India, it might be the same elsewhere too! Do put a comment, you had played with this one in your childhood! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: As matchsticks contain hazardous chemicals, please make sure to take proper care of kids if they are making one of these. I have pasted a sheet of paper as a layer on top of the matchbox to avoid any such direct contact but I strictly advice parents' guidance.
antham182 years ago
I will make one for sure
antham182 years ago
I will make one for sure
sagarshastry (author) 2 years ago
All the best! :) If you have access to old rubber caps of bottles, you can add that to make wheels. I will try to find few caps and will post an update :)
I have to make one of these; now!