Introduction: Dumpling Beef Stew for Camping.

Picture of Dumpling Beef Stew for Camping.

Easy for camping in the outdoors.

Step 1: Ingredients

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1 bag of flour
Tomato paste
Flavour powder
And any other vegetables or flavours you want.

Step 2: Cut Onion , Garlic and Beef

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Cut the onion and garlic into small slices as shown in photos. Once you have cut them let them sizzle with the steak.

Step 3: Potato Peas and Other Veggies

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Cut the rest of the carrots and veggies like potato and put them in the dish.add whatever veggies you want!

Now place your flavouring in the dish.

Step 4: Cook Time

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Let it cook at low for about 1h and a half.
Now relax and wait.


Picture of DUMPLINGS!

Get one cup of flour , a pinch of salt and a swig of water also add 2 tea spoons of butter.

Mix the mixture with your hands.squeeze the pile until it looks like play doh. Now pull off big marble size if dough and squeeze again and roll into a ball.

When there is 15 minutes left drop the dumplings into the dish and wait for the last 15 mins.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

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Serve in a bowl and enjoy, please message me if you like it.


amanda.epps.58 (author)2014-08-16


I will definitely make this. It looks so scrumptuous and very easy to prepare.Thanks

so much.

flamesami (author)2014-08-05

ooh, this looks good! I will try this sometime soon (probably not camping though, at home in the kitchen)

saige30 (author)flamesami2014-08-06

coo thx it wasent just for camping but easy for camping , easy veggies and food. thx for commenting.

tominjose (author)2014-08-04


Yum, somehow food made while camping always tastes amazing!

Thx it was very nice.

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