Dumpling (Jiaozi) Jewelry





Introduction: Dumpling (Jiaozi) Jewelry

My son's science team named themselves the "STEAMed Dumplings," so we created some dumplings to decorate their t-shirts.

Step 1: Materials

1. Felt

2. Filling (we used foam makeup sponges)

3. Hot Glue Gun

4. Jewelry Supplies (Necklace, Pin Backs, Connector Rings, etc.)

5. Marker and Scissors

6. Circle Template (Jar Lid, Roll of Tape, etc.)

7. Dumpling Press (Optional, but recommended for making pleats)

Step 2: Prepare Wrapper and Filling

Cut out felt "wrappers" and foam "filling." Trim the foam to size as needed.

TIP: Add marks mid-circle to help with glue application and folding.

Step 3: Time to Make the Dumplings

Apply a half circle of hot glue to the edge, insert foam, and place in dumpling press. Allow glue to cool and harden BEFORE opening the press. Use tape, a weight, or rubber bands to hold the press closed.

CAUTION: Hot glue will ooze out of the press when closed, so we had an adult help with this step.

Step 4: Add Jewelry Accessories

Attach jewelry accessories to create a dumpling pin or necklace.



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    Thank you. The dumpling press made it so easy to create the folds and the hot glue kept their shape.

    Thanks. The kids had fun.