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Introduction: DuneBot 1.2 - an EasyBot Slideshow

 Here is a little robot that, despite it's dilapidated appearance, can go the distance no sweat! The DUNEBOT 1.2 is my first "All-Terrain Robot", or ATR, and boy, was it fun making this thing! Sure, it took me about a week to strip parts for it, find and assemble wheels and a gearbox, and strap it together, but in the end, it was totally worth it. I used a lot of components from an old steering wheel-simulation driving toy, including the gearbox, and I used a couple of old gears from the same toy for front wheels. I stuck the gear-wheels onto a small length of copper wire to make the axle, which I then proceeded to mount on the top-turned-underside of the gearbox. A hand fan from the dollar store provided the two-AA battery case, which I affixed to the underside-turned-top of the gearbox. A few wires running from the motor to the batteries (Plus a Hook-and-Loop On/Off system) and it's finished!


1 Two AA power source

2 Compact dimensions (2" by 3")

3 Full ATR-equipped Auto-Drive function

4 Speedy for size

5 Wiggle Eyes!


1.0 - Same thing, without the Wiggle Eyes and less control.

1.1 - Added Wiggle Eyes.

1.2 - Re-Mounted the front axle - much better control afterward.

 Truly, this bot can go anywhere dry - it can climb 40-degree hills (It IS a little top-heavy), can go over rough and slick surfaces, and does it fast, compared to it's size. At $1.00 total cost, I'd say it was a bargain to remember!
 FUTURE CONCEPTS - DuneBot 2.0! At three times the size, this Super-Rover will be able to go where no robot would ever think of going sanely. I plan to have a tank-tread setup under a custom-molded water-resistant casing, hopefully radio control, as well. Maybe with somewhere where it can hold things, such as rock samples, fragile electronics (Shock-Absorbers needed for that), or even your favorite drink! Let me know about your ideas - I might just give you credit for it when I make it!
  Win Guy



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    This looks very interesting but no offense the picture quality makes it very hard to see exactly what you have going on here. I would love to see some more about this bot.

    I know - I'm sorry, but at the time I didn't have an actual camera, so I took it with my (very poor quality) video camera. I can post better pics, if desired! Thanks, Win Guy