Dung Beetle Truffles

Picture of Dung Beetle Truffles
I've always thought that uncoated truffles looked a little like the dung balls certain beetles roll up. Here's my version of a Dung Beetle, made of Marzipan, to roll away your truffle center.

I've used my friend Ryan's truffle recipe for the 'Dung Ball' but you can use any hard to the touch truffle ( such as this awesome instructable ). If you can easily pick it up, then you can use it for a dung ball.
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Step 1: Gather your beetle makings.

Picture of Gather your beetle makings.
So, to make mini marzipan dung beetles for your truffles, you will need the following:

A dung ball. Or a truffle center. :)
Almond Paste - Note that I didn't have marzipan, so I used almond paste. They have the same ingredients (almonds, sugar and glucose) but in slightly different proportions. If you use marzipan rather than Almond paste, skip step 2.
Powdered sugar - Maybe half a cup. If you are using marzipan, rather than almond paste, you'll need even less. It's the marzipan equivalent of dusting your hands with flour.
Food Coloring
A bit of water
Something sharp for pattern making

Step 2: Kneed your almond paste with powdered sugar until smooth

Picture of Kneed your almond paste with powdered sugar until smooth
Open your almond paste and get it out of the can. For me, this required a can opener, a spoon, some cuss words, and a ninja like catch as I launched a gob of it at my head. Don't worry, I'm ok.

Powder your counter with a bit of sugar and dust your almond paste with a bit more. Now you kneed the almond paste like bread dough or clay. Whenever it gets too sticky to handle, dust it again with powdered sugar. You can also have a bowl with some powdered sugar in it, and just roll the almond paste ball around in there when it gets sticky; this should coat it with sugar so that you can go back to kneading.
epskoh2 years ago
These are awesome. 'Nuff said.
nighthawk993 years ago
Wear gloves, save your hands and the mess.
Hyazuma5 years ago
I made a batch of 8 dung beetle truffles. Mine are green but they look soo cute. I would recommend attaching the legs first before doing any of the decorations. Hyazuma
mousewrites (author)  Hyazuma5 years ago
omg CUTE! Those are darling. Were they tasty? Or were you like me, and couldn't bring yourself to eat it?
All of them are still alive and well in my refridgerator. I will serve them to the special guests at my graduation party! University of Colorado at Denver May 16th 2009! Yay!
bobt4 Hyazuma4 years ago
wtf i went there and graduated 2009 too
Hyazuma bobt44 years ago
That's awesome! Congratulations! I am applying to medical schools right now and I hope I hear back soon. Hope all is going well for you too.

bobt4 Hyazuma4 years ago
:D i hope you accept my apologies
bobt4 Hyazuma4 years ago
im so sorry i was just joking i hope this dosnt make you feel bad or aniything i thought you would no i was joking im so sorry
Beautiful... Though it's making me thing that with edible paints or just using different chocolates and icings making a big beetle that really looks the part might be possible...
noahh5 years ago
How romantic!
rangeside5 years ago
Hey, very creative idea! I really like the time you took to make something different. My gf makes cholates a lot and this is a great idea for christmas gifts for co-workers. Nice istructable and thanks for sharing!
ryoko10115 years ago
SO cute!! lol. I love them at first I read the name and was like......ummmmm.....i dont know about this but than they were sooo cute that I couldn't eat them!
thepelton5 years ago
A perfect thing for an Entomologist's birthday!
awesome idea.
walkerpedia6 years ago
AMAZING! I've got to try this one!!!
g chord6 years ago
dude, awsome I cant say any more... fantastic
pls6 years ago
hahahahah, thats so funny!
astriarf6 years ago
Wow.. Great idea! Love it..
I love this! I'd love to make a plate of them for halloween, but i'm not sure I have the patience to make all those beetles...
Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Well done. I am salivating and gagging at the same time. They look really cool.
Cute! And the truffles episode of Good Eats was just on last night. How fortuitous! 5*****
HAHAHA lol awesome I love truffles (when some one buys them for me free) 5*****
canida6 years ago
This is awesome! I love it. What a perfect idea.
im so making one for my grand fathers b-day today!!!
gmoon6 years ago
Nice! And I expect the most off-center thing I will see today... ;-)
awoodcarver6 years ago
Nice work , very nice !!!
CameronSS6 years ago
This is horrible! Now you won't want to eat it for fear of destroying the awesome little beetle! In all seriousness, though, this is awesome. Now to come up with an excuse to make and/or otherwise obtain some truffles...Hershey's Truffle Kisses aren't quite the same...
mousewrites (author)  CameronSS6 years ago
Yeah, I couldn't bear to eat him. He's chillin' in my fridge. His mutant failed brother, however, was delicious.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago