This is my very first instructable, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Dungeon Crawl came out of one sleepless night I had a few months back. The mind does weird things when it's tired and for some reason that night I latched on to the idea of making a better single player card game than solitaire. After roughing out the rules and play testing the game for a month I feel confident that it's ready for the masses! I hope you enjoy. If you enjoy this game please vote for me in the Toy Challenge 2 contest.

-1 deck of normal playing cards with Jokers taken out.

Step 1: Choose a Character

You can either play as a mage or a warrior. Each character
has it's own card set up and play styles.

Mage: Mages only get half the face value of their HP card.
However they are the only character that has a mana pool.
This is a second stat card drawn after the HP card. Mages
get the face value of the card in MP cards (see “Drawing
your stats” section). In battle, Mages melee attacks are only
worth 1 damage. However, Mages may use MP cards to cast
either an attack spell or a shield spell. Each spell costs one
MP card. When used the Mage takes the MP card and turns
it over, The damage dealt (attack spell) or absorbed (shield
spell) is equal to the face value of the card (EX:a 4 of
diamonds can either deal 4 damage or absorb 4 points of
damage from a monsters attack). Mages may regenerate MP
cards by spending 10 score points per card (see collecting
your score).


Warrior: A warrior's HP is the full face value of their HP
card ( see “Drawing your stats” section). The Warrior also
draws a card from the deck for every melee attack.
The damage dealt is the face value of the card. Warriors
also get a shield card. This is drawn after their HP card.
The shield card absorbs one half of the face value of the
card in incoming damage rounded down. (EX: if the shield
card is the three of diamonds then all incoming attacks
lose 1 damage. An enemy attacking with a 7 of clubs would
only deal 6 damage).
<p>You draw your attack to maybe really fun I'm probaly going to spend hours in this game </p>
<p>Awesome idea! Its a little difficult to learn but i love the concept. Is there any way you could make this a two player game? Like have one person play as the monsters or play as a final boss at the end or something? That would make it the ultimate card game!!</p>
Hey Marc, do you mind if I put up a card and dice game based on this? I'll lend credit where credit is due, the two are still fairly different. I've decided on a steampunk/post apocalyptic/ destiny type game.
By all means. Thank you for asking. I'd like a link once you've got it posted because I'd like to see it too. :)
sounds good. thanks
Just refound this. Still frikkin awesome.
<p>This is awesome! I was recently playing solitaire, and was quite bad at it.</p><p>The attached photo is of me, the 6 of diamonds fighter with the best shield, fighting a 10 of hearts to the death. I was doing quite well, I had 39 score, and expected to win the battle. But then the dreaded 10 pulled out a 10, and killed me. (I was already down two health.) I was playing on &quot;normal,&quot; with the variation of jokers being items, but never encountered any.</p><p>This is a really fun game, and I hope to see more! Take this &quot;I Made It!&quot;</p>
<p>I'm glad you liked it! I mostly play warrior. It's more straight forward and I end up with a higher score. </p>
<p>Hey! So I came across this today - it's a pretty cool idea, and I had a thought for adding items to the game - this may seem complicated, but it's really not.<br><br>So, after each monster is killed, you can do an item draw, which is that you draw two cards, and if the sum of the cards is greater than or equal to 20 (this number can change to adjust for difficulty, but 20 gives about a 17% chance) then you find an item. The item is the bottom card in the monster's HP pile, and the items go by suit: </p><p>Hearts (Health) = Refill HP, and you can't go above max. (e.g. you have HP of 4/10 and the item is a 3 of hearts, you go up to 7/10)</p><p>Diamonds = Money, although you'd have to introduce a store element to make the money worthwhile</p><p>Clubs = Weapon (adds half of its value to attacks)</p><p>Spades = Armor (adds half of its value to shield or shield spell)</p><p>Some of these could be pretty powerful, but you can change the probability of getting an item very easily by shifting that number up or down.</p>
That's a very cool Idea! I'll have to try and add it in when I play the game and see how well it works.
I with my brother created a) a co-op gamemode and b) a huge rpg variant with Quests,shops,skills...
wow, sounds awesome! I'd love to hear about it. Why not put it on instructables :)?
<p>Sorry, but it still has to be cleaned up atleast from 1 TB To 1 G</p>
<p>Either way, I'd love to hear about it.</p>
How about a new class called a thief class? That can steal another players mana or shield cards when they try to use it and use it themselves when in a duel type game.
Sounds fun, you'd have to balance it with some drawback though. For example, the thief would have to see if they evade it like a normal attack, or the thief could only do it X number of times.
What a great idea! i really like this card game, any thougths on adding more characters?
yes, I was thinking a golem with double HP and a vampire that can drain hp from monsters.
Hey guys. Havn't commented in a while. Just wanted to give props to marccase. Fantastic game, so many cool adaptations... It's great and easy.
Awww thank you :)
And also, when you +1 to your health in survival, do you refill it or not?
Up to you on both accounts, I'm still tweaking my version of the game. If you'd like to be able to refill your health by all means add that in!
You should be able to refill your health for 20 score points, that would make games last longer and more fun in my opinion
Very clear, except for the objective of the game. How do you win?
It's mostly a score attack game, try and beat your own high score.
Thanks. Great job on this. My brother really likes it. Have you tried it for 2 players? I normally play with one, but when my brother plays with me we just add two monsters and allow mages to shield other players. Any ideas?
When I thought of 2 player I thought of fighting against each other in a best out of five duel, but if you're brother is on the young side he may not like doing that. I know I didn't when my brother and I were younger. Yours is fun too for people who like co-op. I might suggest even adding a third monster and flipping a coin to see who they attack.
Hey. LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. Play with brother. So cool... I added another class, by the way. I added a ranger. He gets health equal to face card, but his attacks get -2. He also gets an invisibility pool. It is one half of the card drawn, and makes him invisible for 1 monster attack, but he can still attack. Test him someone plz I have not really gotten the chance.
Also, I added survival mode. In survival, 30 points will buy plus one to your max hp, but 40 will get you plus one to shield or to mana or invisibility. However, after 15 rounds,monsters get plus 2 on their hp. After 20 rounds they get plus five. And after 25, they lose the damage cap.
Wow, sounds like you and your brother have had some fun with this. I really like the idea of the survival mode, I'll have to dig out my deck and try it.
ok so if my shield blocks it (as a warrior) but the block would make their attack negative do i subtract the monsters life because its negative?
no, that would make normal fights too simple.
Awesome Game! I would like to suggest a 3rd class to this system. A &quot;Rouge&quot; class where by you get half hp like a mage and instead of Mana you use &quot;Dexterity which would allow you to make an evasion attack By this i mean after you evade a monster attack you can use it like mana and flip the top one over for a counter attack which would work just like a regular one An just like the mage you can use 10 points to refill the Dexterity.
I'll have to test that one out and see how it works. Thanks :)
You could use Jokers as Item cards. If the monsters health has a joker in it he has an Item or two if he has both cards. Then you draw cards to see what you got Red is a health potion and Black is equipment. The number determines what it heals if its a potion and if it is equipment it adds that much to health, if you are a warrior you look at the number if it is even its equipment if its odd its a shield which if its better then your current shield it replaces it if not then add half the face value to your score.
Sounds cool, I'll have to think about adding that one.
I just started playing today. But, <br> I just ended a hardcore game with 65 points!
WOW! I don't think I've ever done that well T.T
Cool! Two questions: <br> <br>Can a mage cast a shield spell twice (i.e. monster swings for 7, I cast a shield spell for 3, but I only have 3 hit points, so I would die unless I can cast a second shield spell to save my butt). <br> <br>For my HP, as a mage, I drew an Ace. You say it's half rounded down... did I die already?
The first answer is, it's up to you. In hardcore I'd say no but in normal sure. The second is that I usually just re-roll if I get an ace.
Cool. Any thoughts on how the golem or vampire would work?
Golem would get double HP with no shield and the Vampire would get the ability to steal hp. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

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