So you think you're an awesome baking nerd?  Have you ever made cupcakes with chocolate D&D miniatures on them?  No?  That's about to change.

My husband's birthday this year fell on the same day as our weekly D&D game, and that called for something special to share with all our friends.  What's a girl to do?  I had seen piped chocolate decorations before, mostly hearts and other Martha Stewart-style kitsch, but what, I thought, if I made piped chocolate outlines of our characters?  Never mind that I can't draw and I'd never, before that time, piped anything in my life.  I wasn't about to let such paltry considerations stand between me and glory.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For the D&D miniatures:

1 bag melting chocolate (or real chocolate, if you're hardcore)
Parchment paper
Decorating tips and couplers.  I used a #3 round tip.
Icing bags
A drawing to trace
Clear notebook sheet protectors
Cookie sheets
Magnets (optional)

For the cupcakes:

Your cupcake recipe of choice.
Your icing of choice.  It should be a buttercream of something that has similar body.
Cupcake lining papers.
Cupcake pans.
A 1M star cake decorating tip, with a coupler that matches
Icing Bags

<p>hmm, could use a d20</p><p>otherwise, great job!</p>
great idea! Though I've not had opportunity of late to get into any regular gaming, I go way back in the gaming world - fell in love with original AD&amp;D when it came out and went from there. A couple of good-size groups gamed until most of us departed our hometown areas for 4-yr college, military deployments, and general dream-chasing elsewhere. Stumbling across these very cool gaming-inspired foodstuffs has really made my day today...though now I'm here spending too much time browsing, liking, and commenting on Instructables! heh =D
If you want to get back into it, there are probably groups advertised at your local gaming store. It can be hard to find a really good group, but I think RPGs are going through another wave of popularity right now. <br><br>I'd invite you to one of the games I play in, but I think it might be a bit of a drive. :P
hehehehe What a way to feed your inner geek! Welldone<br>
Thank you. :)

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