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Introduction: Dungeons and Dragons Reusable Map

Having played Dungeons and Dragons a few times with some friends the burden of needing a new map to draw on every time (Or reusing an old one) became apparent so i began my epic quest to make a reusable Dungeons and Dragons Map.

Step 1: What You Need!

This is a pretty cheap project:

A dry erase board of any size (about 8 bucks)
Dry Erase Markers
Eraser and Eraser liquid (Together with markers 7 bucks)
Spray Paint (I used black in my but in retrospect gray probably would have been better so lines are not confused with walls) (Just over a dollar for a big can)
1 inch masking tape or duct or and sort of tape (A buck)

Cost: about 17 bucks although you can probably find cheaper.

Step 2: Drawing the Lines

First decide if you want to remove the frame from the board if it has one. (If you do pry it off with a screwdriver if should come off pretty easy)

Next get out your 1 inch masking tape and put a piece horizontally across the top of the board

Now a millimeter or 2 (You do not need to be meticulous about the measurement) below it put another piece continue until your horizontal tape pieces with small spaces between them cover all the way down your board. *

These pieces should be as close to parallel as possible.

Now get out your Spray Paint and spray a few inches about the board and cover the whole board.

Wait until the spray paint dries and then remove the tape, you should now have horizontal lines going across your map.

Its quite likely that some of your spray paint has "bled" giving the grid a distressed look don't worry about this because in case you're unfamiliar with Dungeons and Dragons the maps you buy also have a distressed effect on them.

*Conserving Resources: If you don't want to waste all your tape you can save by using only 2 or 3 pieces at a time, spraying them and then moving them down. If you do this make sure you cover the blank part of the board with newspaper first so paint doesn't get on it.

Step 3: Drawing Verticial Lines

Repeat the process used in the last step only this time go vertically across.

After you finish you should have a grid.

Step 4: FIN!

Now you should be done.

Use the dry erase marker to draw dungeon walls and other terrain and then when you want a new map erase it and there you go.

Now grab your dice bag, monster manual and be on your way!



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    it is easier to use permanent marker instead of spraypaint

    that will not work. The ink from the erasable marker will remove the permanent marker from the dry erase board. So you will have to constantly redraw the lines

    Great idea, it's a lot better than buying a $20(CND) one off Ebay.

    This is a great idea! I am looking to make something similar but I'd like to be able to fold up for easier storage and carrying. Do you think Dry erase markers will work on laminated paper?

    Could cut it in half and use a piano hinge to allow folding

    yeah they do. its essentially the same. really though, all i do is draw a grid on poster board.

    Going to make one of these this weekend. Def going to use grey paint. Thanks for posting!

    i might have to do this, fight now we just lay a big sheet of paper under a pane of glass, this would make it a lot easier to move around though.

    I can't seem to get this right. I pull the tape off but it takes the paint off as well. 

    You can cut along the edge with a knife, or carefully pull up the tape while the paint is still tacky. You might need to rough the surface to make the paint stick with some fine grip sandpaper, although this is less then ideal for this kind of thing.