Live in a small apartment (yet have access to a woodworking area)? Need additional seating on occasion but don't want to trip over a bunch of chairs all the time? Or do you simply like to make interesting things? Check out the Duo chair! I designed this chair to be cut out of a single sheet of 3/4" plywood. It is assembled using NO fasteners and No Adhesives...but a heavy dose of basic mechanical principles.

To build a Duo of your own, you'll need:

1.    My solidworks file (certainly couldn't hurt, anyway)
2.    1 Sheet of 4' x 8' x 3/4" plywood (It'll use less but start there in case you mess something up!)
3.    A collection of hand held tools (drill, jigsaw, file, wood rasp, chisel, router, ruler, straightedge, pencil)
4.    A table saw is handy for speed and accuracy but it's not absolutely necessary
5.    Something to finish it with (paint, lacquer...whatever suits your mood)
6.    A good dose of patience and creative appetite!

Follow along as I outline the assembly process!

Step 1: Using the Duo

Using the Duo is e. a. s. y. Pull off the top seat of the barstool and you now have two seating surfaces. Or a footrest, possibly? Maybe somewhere to set your coffee... 

The Duo pictured is the very first one built and I used it nonstop as my computer chair for over a year. As a design student, I spent a LOT of time in this chair. It's as solid today as it was when I made it.
Beautiful chair and foot stool but, you give measurements of the parts to assemble it. Just a bar stool round
I have the 3D file in Solidworks 2012. If you have access to a CAD program, I can send you the file (or a step/iges/etc...format) and you can take it apart to make a printable template. If I can redirect some time, I'll make a printable template for the pieces and add info regarding the joinery. I realize that would be more helpful. <br> <br>For a size reference, The diameter of the seating area is 16&quot; and the back of the chair is 12&quot; x 44&quot;.
thanks, yes I do have a CAD program
Solidworks files are now available. It's Solidworks 2012. I'll make some .step files and attach those as well. Should have thought of that first!
kinda' got a little Art Deco jumping off there.
hey BoredClark. I really like the design of your chair. However, I can't just &quot;eyeball' the dimensions. I would really appreciate a link to that CAD file or maybe just a quick summary of some of the design figures. Thanks a ton and keep up the great instructables!!!
I'd be happy to give you the CAD file. I'm new to instructables. Is there a way to link the file in my instructable? I'll do more research on that...it's probably easy! :-) Otherwise, I can package it up and email it to you. I should be able to get that uploaded/linked/or emailed tomorrow morning. Thanks for checking out the DUO. I can't wait to see what someone else does with it!

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