Live in a small apartment (yet have access to a woodworking area)? Need additional seating on occasion but don't want to trip over a bunch of chairs all the time? Or do you simply like to make interesting things? Check out the Duo chair! I designed this chair to be cut out of a single sheet of 3/4" plywood. It is assembled using NO fasteners and No Adhesives...but a heavy dose of basic mechanical principles.

To build a Duo of your own, you'll need:

1.    My solidworks file (certainly couldn't hurt, anyway)
2.    1 Sheet of 4' x 8' x 3/4" plywood (It'll use less but start there in case you mess something up!)
3.    A collection of hand held tools (drill, jigsaw, file, wood rasp, chisel, router, ruler, straightedge, pencil)
4.    A table saw is handy for speed and accuracy but it's not absolutely necessary
5.    Something to finish it with (paint, lacquer...whatever suits your mood)
6.    A good dose of patience and creative appetite!

Follow along as I outline the assembly process!

Step 1: Using the Duo

Picture of Using the Duo
Using the Duo is e. a. s. y. Pull off the top seat of the barstool and you now have two seating surfaces. Or a footrest, possibly? Maybe somewhere to set your coffee... 

The Duo pictured is the very first one built and I used it nonstop as my computer chair for over a year. As a design student, I spent a LOT of time in this chair. It's as solid today as it was when I made it.
makemagic013 years ago
Beautiful chair and foot stool but, you give measurements of the parts to assemble it. Just a bar stool round
BoredClerk (author)  makemagic013 years ago
I have the 3D file in Solidworks 2012. If you have access to a CAD program, I can send you the file (or a step/iges/etc...format) and you can take it apart to make a printable template. If I can redirect some time, I'll make a printable template for the pieces and add info regarding the joinery. I realize that would be more helpful.

For a size reference, The diameter of the seating area is 16" and the back of the chair is 12" x 44".
thanks, yes I do have a CAD program
BoredClerk (author) 3 years ago
Solidworks files are now available. It's Solidworks 2012. I'll make some .step files and attach those as well. Should have thought of that first!
rickster4543 years ago
kinda' got a little Art Deco jumping off there.
jackOrip3 years ago
hey BoredClark. I really like the design of your chair. However, I can't just "eyeball' the dimensions. I would really appreciate a link to that CAD file or maybe just a quick summary of some of the design figures. Thanks a ton and keep up the great instructables!!!
BoredClerk (author)  jackOrip3 years ago
I'd be happy to give you the CAD file. I'm new to instructables. Is there a way to link the file in my instructable? I'll do more research on that...it's probably easy! :-) Otherwise, I can package it up and email it to you. I should be able to get that uploaded/linked/or emailed tomorrow morning. Thanks for checking out the DUO. I can't wait to see what someone else does with it!