Duplication Glitch for Mine Craft PE 0.8.1




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Introduction: Duplication Glitch for Mine Craft PE 0.8.1

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Step 1: How to Do It

Make sure that the chest is empty because there is a chance that you can lose what's in your chest. Then close out of the chest. Then go back into the chest and take your item out of the chest. Walk around your house, land, et. For 10-13 seconds. Then click your home button. Then click the home button twice and completely X-out of mine craft. Go back into mine craft and go back in to the world that you were in. If you spawned in a different place then you left. That's a good sign. Go to the chest and claim your items. Keep in mine this doesn't always work. Thanks for reading!! I hope this helped



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    Every thing that I post someone's says that they came up with it first. I bet if I did a tutorial on how to make your bed someone would get mad at me and said that they came up with it first.

    I posted the same thing but is is a bit easier to do same idea tho