I love soccer and over the weekend I wanted to play a soccer game with my friends, but I only had one goal. Using the goal I already had and pictures from the internet I built one out of PVC pipe.  This is a very durable light weight goal.  It was an easy project and it cost very little.  I would also like to point out that this is my first Instructables.  If you have any questions, advice, or tips on how I can improve please leave it in the comments.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

I had all of the tools needed to build this and I had PVC cement lying around, so the only thing that I had to buy was the PVC pipe. You can get PVC pipe at most building stores or hardware stores.  I got my PVC at the Home Depot.  The price next to the part was the price that I paid at Home Depot, but it may vary depending on what store you go to.

Tools needed for this project
- Any type of saw that can cut PVC I used a chop saw but a hand saw will work
- pencil, pen or Sharpie
- Tape Measure

Materials Needed
The goal is made from 1-1/2" inch PVC with fittings.

- four 1-1/2"in. x 10'ft. PVC pipes  $4.90 each

- four 1-1/2"in. PVC Tees  $1.96 each

- six 1-1/2"in. PVC 90-degree Elbows  $1.56 each

- PVC Purple Primer and Solvent Cement  $7.47
Total cost for all Materials-  $44.27. For me this project only costed $31.90 because I had some materials already.
<p>Sp if you really smash one into the post will it break?</p>
<p>no this is very durable I have smashed it many times and it has never broke </p>
<p>GENIUS! That is such a good idea to make one of these.</p>
<p>thanks i appreciate it i would ;love it if people would vote for this in the Springs Coming contest</p>

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