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Introduction: DIY Cheap Laptop Skins

I made this after making lots of random stickers where I work. These have a nice coating of laminate over the top so they won't scratch the design and protect the laptop case. If you are worried about removal of the skin you can buy waterproof labels to reduce the mess left by them. However you need to use a laser printer for that. You can make these at home if you have a laminator. Otherwise you can easily go into a copy shop and get it laminated for around 1$.

Step 1: Materials

for this you are going to need the following: Avery or comparable labels (any size will work for best results use full page uncut), Hot laminating sheets 3 or 5 mil (I used 5), a good quality printer, a hot seal laminator, cutting utensils, a ruler and a graphic for your skin.

I changed mine last night because of the spelling error to the last one. I have a high resolution on Here that anyone can use if you do not have one or you just like resident evil like I do.

Step 2: Measuring

Measure your laptop area you would like to put the skin on.

Step 3: Printing

I used a laser printer for mine but you would be fine using any printer. I set up in photoshop so the label would center on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Step 4: Laminate

Now for laminating. If you don't have access its super easy to have it done at OfficeMax or Staples for very cheap. Make sure you are using a heat laminate because a cold seal just won't look as good.

Step 5: Trim to Size

Cut your skin down to the pre-measured size. After you are done lay it on top of the laptop to make sure it will fit properly. Make sure if you have any contours you need to trim out you do so now or you'll have the skin peeling up some. You can do this after you affix it if you don't care much about scratching the laptop. By cutting the label to size you've made it so you can peel off the labels from the backing and now its one big sticker with a laminated front.

Step 6: Affix the Skin

Make sure you've cleaned the surface well before you apply the skin. After you've applied the skin put a little bit of windex on paper towel and wipe down your skin firmly. This will clean and help get a good seal on the laptop.

Step 7: Finished

The final product! If you were to rely fully on a copy shop this is about a 5$ job tops for a personal durable skin for your laptop.



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afaik lamination is done on both sides.. so the backing will get covered up too, then how r we supposed to stick it??.. 

follow the steps and it will all make sense. It is on both sides but once you cut it down its not sealed on the edges then the back will peel off leaving the front with a coating of laminate

cool, but it seems like such a hassle especially when you can get a custom laptop skin for $10 from here:

It still ends up cheaper and main reason (and pretty much the reason for the whole site) is for a fun project to mess around with.

O3O SWEEEETTTT!!!! I love The Umbrella Corporation so this would complete my obsesion!! lol

what adhesive should be used?

The labels are the adhesive when you cut it the backing peels off and the laminate stays on the outside

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I totally understand how to do this now. I printed a skin for my laptop and just put double sided tape on it. No laminating b/c i didn't really want the skin THICK. but with labels.. OMG I can do this. I have a laminator and labels. Thank You so MUCH. Gale

hey post some pics when you get it done!

I never though about laminating it. I'm about to do this myself, but laminating sounds good. Thanks for the tip!