Step 2: Prepare the Cables

Get the cables into a usable form by taking off the connectors. To do this you must use needle nose pliers to pull apart the tabs on the sides of the connectors. This should allow the bottom of the connector to come off. The rest of the onnector is held on by little pins. Carefully peel away the cable from the connector because the pins are sharp. You should get a bare cable.
fyi those are IDE cables not sata
wow, i used th same cables in an explosive test, they are realy strong
grey duct tape would make it look neater but otherwise, good ible
looks kinda sloppy mabey if you folded the stata cables inside the wallet from the sides and put the tape inside??
i tried to put the tape on the inside put it fell apart immedietly
try using stronger tape like duct tape or 100 mph tape
100 mph tape? I've never heard of it. Can you tell me?
Hi, thought this was a real cool idea, but not to be negative, I also thought like TheCheese9921, that it looks (not kinda, but really) sloppy. I'll try to be a bit constructive... :) Maybe you by choosing a wider tape, and extending the pieces the whole length of the side that is being taped, it would look better? Or the wider tape could be used to cover up the smaller pieces used to put the parts together, done at the end with wide and nice whole lengths? I would think that he wallet then would look really neat! I think I'd choose 2" wide either duct or gaffa tape. I have used 2" gaffa tape to assemble home made soft boxes, and it has worked out fine. Maybe silver tape would look stylish with the grey cables? Maybe a velcro dot could be added to close it tightly too?
I said kinda cause I didn't want to be to mean
Hi, I hear you, but I think it is OK to be honest, as long as one are constructive, if you know what I mean - which you BTW were! :) Taking a little bit more time, and this wallet will look really, really cool! :)
but yeah now that its out there yeah this is really sloppy
hey it better than nothing\

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