Picture of Durable (and easy!) Duct Tape Wallet
This is a basic, yet durable duct tape wallet that I have come up with using only index cards & tape. It holds 2+ cards, an ID/Driver's license, and assorted bills.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

~Eight 3x5 index cards (seven if you don't want a strap)

~Clear packing tape

~Duct tape (any color; I used silver)


Step 2: Making the back of the wallet

Picture of making the back of the wallet
Take two of the index cards, and cover each in a thin layer of duct tape, making sure that as little white as possible is showing. Then, keeping the cards about a centimeter apart, use two or three pieces of duct tape to tape them together. Flip over the whole thing and tape the cards together on the inside. Be sure to press down on the bit of tape between the cards in order to get it secure. This will be where your bill folds and other pockets are reinforced.

Step 3: The bill folds

Picture of The bill folds
In this step you'll be using what I refer to as "the bill fold method", which you will use to make all of the pockets on the wallet.

Start by placing an index card so that it overlaps with the right-hand index card (the taped up one). Next, place a strip of tape as in picture 2. Fold the edges of the tape over, bottom edge first, in order to secure the card. Use your scissors to trim off extra tape. Cover the index card with horizontal strips of tape that trail off over the right-hand edge, and fold over those edges so that the right side edge is uninterrupted between the original card and the newest one. Make sure that you leave the top edge open, otherwise you won't have a pocket. Repeat this with another index card on the left side, then use two strips of tape that span across both cards to fasten them together. Press down on the middle area (the centimeter bit) so that you end up with two separate bill folds.
DaProject2 years ago
Nice guide!
PS; it's "C'est fini"
happyjo4 years ago
Here is mine:
Photo on 2010-10-12 at 09.27 #2.jpgPhoto on 2010-10-12 at 09.27 #3.jpgPhoto on 2010-10-12 at 09.27.jpg
Nicely done.
Thank you! I Love my wallet!
Definetly looks cool. Better than what I can do.
Hey! great job!
Thanks! It is the best wallet that I have ever had!
Where are you in that picture?
I am at school!
Really?! They let you do instructables at your school? Who took the picture? Thats, awesome!
Well this was before class started in the class with the teacher who introduced me to instructables. At our school every middle-schooler has their own computer so I took the picture with photo booth!
A teacher introduced you to instructables? That's so cool!
aweitz4 years ago
Omg Thats awesome
nice wallet
bubbachr4 years ago
sharlston5 years ago
dam thats good
a4great6 years ago
oh and for this you could just use sotch or masking tape
a4great6 years ago
why don't you just use like 4 or 5 index cards? it would still have the same space but with-out slots. it would just have one pocket for money and one for cards and whatever else you'z put in there. me'z will post pic on this ASAP =D
all the stray pieces on the blosed picture make the wallet look much trashier than it is. I really like the wallet. thanks

How much do you have on that GameStop card?
Its an edge card the money you get from trading in games gos on it.
_patch (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
well, I had about $480 on it, then I spent it all to buy an Xbox360 and supplies. So, now it's empty, but I can always refill it.