Steps to Prepare for Good Health/Hygiene During a Disaster

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Are you prepared for a disaster in your area?  Disasters are events that no one can fully predict. They usually come upon us quickly and leave lasting effects.  The only thing we can reasonably to do is prepare and have a plan of action.  This is especially true when it comes to hygiene during a disaster situation.  How you prepare now can dictate the quality of life you experience during and after a disaster. 

Making small preparations can lessen your suffering and the suffering of your household or organization members.  Follow the following steps (not necessarily in chronological order) to help yourself prepare.  

It is important to start great hygiene habits now so you can OUTFOX infection now and when a disaster occurs.  Let us help!  If you would like additional information you can contact us at info@OUTFOXprevention.com or visit our website at www.OUTFOXprevention.com
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Step 1: 1. Before a Disaster

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1. Before a Disaster

General topics for preparation include: Vaccinations, Prepare a Hygiene Kit, Medication and so forth.  These suggestions are not comprehensive.  For, they are mainly focused on the hygiene aspect of disaster survival. There are other elements of survival (Nutrition, Safety, Shelter, etc.) that are connected but will be featured in future lessons.

Step 2: 1A. Vaccination Schedules

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1A. Vaccinations

Make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations.  You never know when a disaster will occur.  Outbreaks can occur frequently during a disaster since basic hygiene elements breakdown without structure (running water, sewer drains, trash removal, etc.).  Vaccinations can help your body deal with different substances that haven't been subject to until a disaster.

ejsilver261 year ago

I like this instructable. However, I would have preferred one that focused on the kit and it's contents. This is a good list of ways to keep clean and healthy during a disaster, though.