Picture of 'Dust Bunny' plush screen duster
Dust Bunnies love to hang out with you while you work on your computer and help you clean your screen with their noodly tentacle-y legs.

They are very easy to make and make great gifts! I've included two patterns so you can make a bunny or an alien one. This is a unique A Little Stranger pattern you won't find anywhere else!

All the dust bunnies pictured are for sale in my etsy shop.

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
a) Dusting Mit (A microfibre noodle-y one. I live in the UK, this one I used is for washing a car but i've also seen them in the cleaning aisle called a 'dust dog')
b) Red Fleece
c) Long Fur (Just a small piece, if you want to give him a little hairdo!)
d) Yellow Felt (for the face)

e) Thread
f) 9mm safety eyes
g) Scissors
h) Marker Pen
i) Scalpel
j) Pins

Not pictured:

- blue foam (i used 1" foam but you can use whatever's to hand, its not essential but stops the bottom doming out, so he'll stand up easily)
- stuffing
- Black Embroidery thread

luzma3 years ago
thanks for the pattern..just finished mine :)
dust alien.jpeg
Your stuff rocks! I discovered your blog just yesterday, I think your work is amazing, thank you for the tutorial and for sharing your ideas!
I love when art is functional!  and thanks for the free pattern
ChrysN5 years ago
How sweet!

Exellent work as always alittlestranger :)

I can't honestly choose which one of your 'ible's I like better, there all so good :)
Doctor What5 years ago
 Thanks for including the pattern with this one!  I need to clean my screen really bad....  It has greasy fingerprints all over it!