Dust Bunnies love to hang out with you while you work on your computer and help you clean your screen with their noodly tentacle-y legs.

They are very easy to make and make great gifts! I've included two patterns so you can make a bunny or an alien one. This is a unique A Little Stranger pattern you won't find anywhere else!

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
a) Dusting Mit (A microfibre noodle-y one. I live in the UK, this one I used is for washing a car but i've also seen them in the cleaning aisle called a 'dust dog')
b) Red Fleece
c) Long Fur (Just a small piece, if you want to give him a little hairdo!)
d) Yellow Felt (for the face)

e) Thread
f) 9mm safety eyes
g) Scissors
h) Marker Pen
i) Scalpel
j) Pins

Not pictured:

- blue foam (i used 1" foam but you can use whatever's to hand, its not essential but stops the bottom doming out, so he'll stand up easily)
- stuffing
- Black Embroidery thread

luzma3 years ago
thanks for the pattern..just finished mine :)
dust alien.jpeg
Your stuff rocks! I discovered your blog just yesterday, I think your work is amazing, thank you for the tutorial and for sharing your ideas!
I love when art is functional!  and thanks for the free pattern
ChrysN5 years ago
How sweet!

Exellent work as always alittlestranger :)

I can't honestly choose which one of your 'ible's I like better, there all so good :)
Doctor What5 years ago
 Thanks for including the pattern with this one!  I need to clean my screen really bad....  It has greasy fingerprints all over it!