Picture of Dust-catching Glove Box
I'm in the middle of a project where I need to do a lot of working with plastic. Which when cut or sanded produces Large Amounts of fine, choking sawdust. I got a couple of nosefuls (and the Dremel throws it RIGHT in your face) and decided that Something Had To Be Done.

(When I was a kid, my best friend's father had a shop in his basement, and one time I went down there and he was sandblasting something. He had rigged up a fishtank with holes in the sides and rubber gloves stuck in them to hold the item being worked. I have no recollection of what he was making, but I remember the tank. I always kind of wanted one...)

  • one plastic box with attached lid, available at houseware stores
  • one pair long rubber gloves
  • some duct tape
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Step 1: Arm holes

Picture of Arm holes
Open the lid and pretend to work on something in the box, to get a sense of where your arms want to be. Draw a rough guide with a sharpie. With a cutting wheel, or a hot knife, or whatever you like to use to cut plastic, cut out the holes. Tidy the edges up some so they don't scrape you.

The box is now usable; dust won't fly directly into your face now. But it will still come out of the armholes, and your hands will still be all covered in it. An improvement can be made!

Step 2: Attach gloves

Picture of Attach gloves
Put the gloves on and stick your hands through the holes to get a sense of the angle to attach the gloves at. Tape them in place.
remusblack6 years ago
nice job! Why not add a vacuum attachment thus making your glove box virtually dust free ? =D
very nice instructable - i'll make one for sure!

the idea to attach the vacuum cleaner is a great update!
foobear6 years ago
This is a really nice idea. Maybe you could put a window of clear acrylic on top so you could see a little better, the clear plastic box looks a bit cloudy. Nice solution to a common problem.
rachel (author)  foobear6 years ago
It's cloudy because of the sawdust. I didn't think to take a picture before I used it, nor to wipe it off first. If there's some material that's clear and anti-static so it doesn't attract dust, that might be useful to put in.
matbh rachel6 years ago
maybe u can use a top cover of transparent glass...
wilcbr016 years ago
Very nice! Remarkably simple, yet so effective. Wish I'd thought of this one earlier; would have saved me a lot of messes. Thanks for posting.
rimar20006 years ago
Good idea.
mefromliny6 years ago
Excellent write-up! I copied it and added a small shopvac and it works great! Ken
rachel (author)  mefromliny6 years ago
You know, I could add that too, I have a shop-vac, but I did not think of it. Post a picture!
friezer6 years ago
I've been knocking around the idea of carving emu egg shells, but my first attempt brought to light how utterly disgusting the resultant dust smells. Your project, modified with a dust extracting shop vac just might be the solution to my problem. Thanks for sharing.
rachel (author)  friezer6 years ago
Emu egg shells! Whoa. I hope you post an instructable about this once you have worked out the kinks.