Dust Collector Using Exhaust Fan and Bucket of Water




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Introduction: Dust Collector Using Exhaust Fan and Bucket of Water

here is my idea for a cheap and simple dust filter. Use an exhaust fan(impeller
type) to suck the dust laden air, then blow it through a bucket of water. The idea is to force the dirty air through water so that the particles will get stuck in the water. To better increase contact of air with water, maybe diffuse the air through many smaller hoses in the water, instead of just one big hose. I havent tried making this but i would like to hear from you if this will work or not.



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    this principle works extremely well: there was/is a brand of commercial vacuum cleaners that use the same principal. I believe they were called Rainbow Vacs.

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    Yes, they were called the "Rainbow Home Cleaning Systems". Trapped over 99% of what it took in because "Wet dust doesn't fly." (The company slogan.)

    Tried selling them for a month. Sold one to a cousin. Nice machine, but very expensive. :-/

    This idea looks interesting! You should make it and see if it works.