I have been using a crosscut sled for a while now and the one thing that's not too good about it is the difficulty of dust extraction. Having thought about it for a while I decided that a box that ran the length of the sled with a hole in it for the hose would be a good solution. I initially thought that I would make it out of perspex and use some brush draught excluders on the bottom so I could still have a seal with a piece of wood in place to cut too. I went to the local DIY store and would have had to spend around £40 for the bits I needed, I thought this was a bit much so i came home and had another think. The following design was built from bits and pieces I had around the house, its a bit rough but it does work so I'm happy

2 CD boxes
Offcuts of wood
Instant grab adhesive
Foam - I got mine from an old memory foam pillow!

Drill press / drill

Step 1: Harvest Your CD Cases

I wanted to have a clear top just so I could see what was going on while sawing so was looking around my house for suitable materials and saw some CD's and thought that they would probably do.
It was pretty easy to cut the cases to size, each CD case will give you two panels one from the front and one from the back. First I snapped off the edges of the case with a pair of pliers so the plastic would lay flat. I then scored the plastic with a knife and ruler a couple of times so I could get all the pieces a nice uniform size, and then snapped the edge off with my hands. You should wear safety goggles or a face visor for this as small bit can fly off occasionally. You just need to trim the other sides and repeat on the other CD cases until you have enough to cover the length of your crosscut sled.

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