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Introduction: Dust Proofing Art Work

I wanted to display my wife's paintings in our home without framing it. If I were to just hang it around then it was bound to gather dust and loose its freshness

So, here is a simple and cost effective way of dust-proofing the work using cling film. You may then use some sticky fixers to stick it where you desire

Step 1:


  • Art work that you want to protect [in this case it is approx. 11.5"x16"]
  • Cling film
  • Sticky Fixers [Double sided]


  • Scissors

Step 2: Wrap the Cling Film

  • Hold the picture and wrap the cling film on the front and back of the picture, taking care to minimise the wrinkles
  • Take 9 sticky pads and paste them on the back of the picture
  • Now take the picture and stick it where you desire

When you decide to frame the picture just remove it from the wall and carefully unwrap the cling film. You can be sure that the picture is as fresh as before.

  • Here I have wrapped it breadth-wise since the size of the film was just about right for the picture.
  • Once this is film wrapped, occasional dusting may be done using a dry or slightly moist cloth/tissue



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    ooops... meant to say great idea

    be very sure the paint is totally dry, depending on mediums and paint thickness it can take longer than expected to totally cure. A fellow artist at a local artwalk saves the plastic the canvas's are sold in and use's that to protect his work. There's a great forum for artist of all mediums at www.wetcanvas.com, from the look of your wifes gorgeous work she'd be extremely welcome

    It doesn't stick to the paint, or does it (as part of the technique)? L

    As long as one wraps after the paints dry, it doesn't stick. I have tested this on couple of paintings

    OK thanks for that. Any prospect of a tasty food instructable? L