I wanted to display my wife's paintings in our home without framing it. If I were to just hang it around then it was bound to gather dust and loose its freshness

So, here is a simple and cost effective way of dust-proofing the work using cling film. You may then use some sticky fixers to stick it where you desire

Step 1:


  • Art work that you want to protect [in this case it is approx. 11.5"x16"]
  • Cling film
  • Sticky Fixers [Double sided]


  • Scissors
ooops... meant to say great idea
be very sure the paint is totally dry, depending on mediums and paint thickness it can take longer than expected to totally cure. A fellow artist at a local artwalk saves the plastic the canvas's are sold in and use's that to protect his work. There's a great forum for artist of all mediums at www.wetcanvas.com, from the look of your wifes gorgeous work she'd be extremely welcome
That's novel - what type of paint is it? L
Acrylic paints
It doesn't stick to the paint, or does it (as part of the technique)? L
As long as one wraps after the paints dry, it doesn't stick. I have tested this on couple of paintings
OK thanks for that. Any prospect of a tasty food instructable? L

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