Introduction: Dustbin - Weighing Machine

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This weighing machine gets turned on if someone puts waste in the dustbin.

so that means, a person who wants to measure his weight will have to put some waste in the bin and then stand on the machine.

This is made to encourage people to use bins.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

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The basic structure of the circuit diagram is as shown in the diagram above... the microcontroller i used is msp430g2211

Step 2: C Code

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This file contains the code, code composer studio was used to burn this code into the microcontroller

Step 3: Overview

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Here are various views of the dustbin


sambalkicapc (author)2014-11-10

such a brilliant idea...but can i know what is the component that used for this project? and where is the coding run?..i'm just curious to know..

Samartist (author)sambalkicapc2014-11-12

well, the coding is burned in the micro controller, which is shown in the schematic diagram...

it is burned by the texas instrument's kit names as "msp430 laubchpad"

the microcontroller just turned the machine on gives the supply voltage to the machine [for 15 second] after any waste is sensed...

i have used infrared signal to check the presence of waste in the hole...

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-09

That's a very clever idea! I bet it will help to encourage people to use the bins.

yeah... but my professors in the university want me to do something big with this idea... they want me to enhance the 'gamification' factor in it...

something like, the bin which could tell you how much weight you have gained or lost over the last week, or something else like that...

do tell me if you have some other ideas for cleanliness, i will try to implement them in my university....

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