Duster Beebop Jacket





Introduction: Duster Beebop Jacket

This jacket is made from brown sued fabric. I used about 10 yards of fabric.
     This is a project for a person with prior sewing experience.
     To begin ,finish all 4 of the pocket edges with a narrow hem and sew the pocket to the front of the jacket about 2/5 way down from the top. Finish the pocket flap and add to the top of the pocket.
   Sew the backs together from the neck edge to the arrow. Add the godet from the arrow down at the bottom center of the jacket   Assemble the cape sewing the pieces together and cutting one piece in half for the opening in the front..Finish  the bottom edge and sides of the cape. Attach the cape to the neck opening. Make the collar and attach to the neck edge over cape.
    Make and add straps to the bottom of the sleeves. Make and add a tab to the center of the godet panel on the back of the jacket.
    Make button holes and sew on buttons.
   Lastly, hem bottom and sleeves.
    Hope you enjoy!



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