Picture of Dusty Crophopper Halloween Costume
My wife and I decided to make our son a Dusty Crophopper costume for Halloween, but we wanted it to have a little something extra. So, I made a motorized propeller.

Step 1: Materials Needed

* cardboard (I used diaper boxes)
* duct tape (plenty of it, and the right colors)
* hot glue gun and glue
* razor knife (and a couple of blades)
* spinning propeller candy toy.
* soldering iron
* electrical tape
* styrofoam egg
* epoxy (I used clay epoxy)
* buckets for nose and tail (dollar store trashcan for tail, empty pretzel container for nose)
* aluminum foil

Step 2: Extend Prop From Trigger

Picture of Extend Prop From Trigger
I first had to take apart the toy so that I could solder in longer wires and put the button remote from the prop. After soldering in the new leads, I cut the case apart, keeping the battery compartment with the switch.
Next, cut a hole in the nose cone bucket and insert the prop. I used clay epoxy to attach the prop housing.
Cut the styrofoam egg in half to make the prop cone shape.
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kalyn200611 months ago
sokiboi7811 months ago
nice work!
RollerScrapper11 months ago
Adorable! Great use of recycling as well!
ecsaul2311 months ago
cool! Great job parents!