When I saw this contest I was very excited! I instantly knew what I wanted to make. I live in The Netherlands (Holland) so I thought a Dutch scenery would be nice. I really like crochet, so I choose that technique. I made three old Dutch canal houses (as you can find in many Dutch towns), a wind mill, a stone bridge and a tree. The instructions for the three houses and the wind mill are included. If you would like to see real Dutch scenery, go for instance to this website: http://www.vvv-volendam.nl/nl/welcome/.

Thank you for looking!

Zo gezellig!
these are super cute <br>
Great work!
I did include the instructions for the three houses and the wind mill (as pdf-files), but I don't see them with my entry. So if you like them, you can send me a private message or leave a comment here and I'll send them to you...
LOVE it!!
Really nice!! You did a great job!!
Wow. What a great idea!
Oh, it's really nice!!! I love your Dutch scenery!!<br>

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