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Introduction: Dwarven Pipe


Today I'm gonna show you, how to make a dwarven smoke pipe. I made it as a decoration for my dwarven costume. And in spite of I'm not a smoker, I would totaly smoke it! :D

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make this cool smoke pipe you will need:

  • saw
  • piece of wood
  • some stick (I used dried twig from willow)
  • knife
  • drill

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

Take a piece of wood and cut it to desired lenght. Then tak a drill and start to make a hole. I had smaller drill so I made a few holes and then connected them to the big one. After that I adjusted it with a scalpel. At the end drill one smole hole where the smoke will go.

Step 3: Carving the Head

First step is some sketching job. Draw the future look on the wood so you will know, how to carve it .

Then there isn't much to say. Just grab your tools and start your work. I like working with tools like a scalpel because it is easy to operate and you can do a delicate stuff with it.

But be really careful! I cut my finger and it bleeded like forever :D

Step 4: Stem

I used a stem from my old pipe project so I don't have photos from making it. But I basically took a willow stick and took of the soft part from it with a wire. Then I cut it and carved a rune sign saying "The Smoke" in Czech (yeah..really original name, I know.. :D ) After that I put it in the main part and glue it. My last step was wrapping it with a thread and I also added a metal ring for carying.

Note: I put it together before I finished carving because I was impatient :D)

Step 5: The End

In the end I just made some last touches and then I applied a lacquer onto it (but if you want to smoke it, be sure to don't put it inside!!!). Then you should smoke it so it could make a carbon layer which will protect it from further burning.

Anyway, I made the stem from a willow, so I'm not sure, if it is toxic or not, because some scrub could be.

But I hope you like this project and I'll be glad for any comments! :)



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has anyone actually tried smoking out of this?

I tried, but it's more like a costume prop.. But I'm working on a better pipe that would be functional! ;) coming soon!

ahh okay, i will have to keep an eye out for it!

the best pipe project !!! :)

Dude just saw your pipe.. and it rocks! Cant wait to make my own

Is this smokable? My stepdad smokes tobacco and I think he'd like it.

Well, I am not a smoker, but I would say it is :-). First you have to smoke it and create a carbon layer inside the pipe so it won't burn the wood. But I'm sure your stepdad will handle this. The only think I'm not sure about is if willow is toxic. But I burned with a wire from inside, so it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway I'm going to try it next weekend and I let you know ;) Shortly to your question: yes, technically it's smokable, but I haven't tried yet

A good way to build up a carbon layer is to take burn some wood, then take the char, and mix it with a little hone. Then line the bowl of the pipe with the mixture.

Thanks for the advice! I didn't know that as I'm not a smoker :)