Dwemer Quill (steampunk)





Introduction: Dwemer Quill (steampunk)

Working decoration.

Made from classic pen which you can buy anywhere. All gears are plastic, from a printer/scanner.

It is quite easy to make. ..Perfect emergency pen :)

Step 1: The Pen

Cut off piece by piece from the end, until you see a hole, then take a pen and clean it a bit..
Try if the quill fits.

Step 2: Painting

Next thing you wanna do is to paint it gold. Use a sandpaper to make the surface more adhesive, if you want to use this quill for writing. Of course, after that make a varnish layer.

Step 3: Gears and "stuff"

Gears, gears, gears...

I got mine from a printer. They are plastic but free and they look good enough.

Just paint it gold also. Then use a varnish.

The quill is from a peasant.

And the spring from a cheap pen.

Step 4: Glue It

Before you glue the "stuff" to he main component, it is very helpful to scratch off some paint.

*Try if the quill will fit to your hand first..

*Pay attention to the orientation.

*Glue the quill last.

*Use a thin rope for adhesion.

Step 5: The Stand

This part needs to be heavy.

I think that metal thing is from some flashlight.

Simply glue them together.

Step 6: The Ink

I bought this plastic bottle of ink and simply painted it gold as everything else.

Use classic aluminium kitchen foil for the metal part, or some mirror foil (sheet).

Glue it or use a tape.

Step 7: Paper

Actually, there are so many instructions how to make a new paper sheet look old and dirty.....

just click here - search youtube - and find what suits you ;)

(i did mine with a coffe and used a thick paper)

The straps were inside an old case. But anything works.

Enjoy and let me know if anything ;)



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Me too.. the only thing i don't like it about is that almost everyone i tell about it, they're like: Whatpunk?

Thanks everyone! I'm so glad you like it and i apperciate your support very much! It means a lot to me. :-)

double plus good....

Really detailed and nice Instructabele, good work!