Introduction: Dye Easter Eggs (with Rice)

Today I'll show you how to dye easter eggs with rice and food color.

Watch here on Youtube: Egg Dyeing with rice - Life Hack

Dyeing and decorating eggs is an Easter tradition. With these tip/or technique, your Easter eggs will turn out great every time.

Try dyeing different types of eggs in order to vary the sizes -- use quail for smaller and goose or ostrich for larger. Also consider dyeing brown eggs to alter the range of colors you can produce.
If you want to save your eggs from year to year or turn them into ornaments to hang from branches, blow them out instead of hard-boiling the eggs before dyeing them.
To empty a raw egg, begin by using the tip of a sharp utility knife to pierce both ends of the egg; turn the knife in one of the holes to widen it slightly.
Then, poke a straightened paper clip through the larger hole to pierce and "stir" the yolk. Hold the egg, larger hole down, over a bowl, and then blow the contents out with a rubber ear or this do it this way:

WATCH my tutorial here:

It's very simple and the KIDS will love it.

Happy Easter !

Step 1: You Need

Picture of You Need

You need:

  1. a few boiled or empty eggs
  2. a few Cups
  3. rice
  4. and food color

Step 2: Cups

Picture of Cups

Put the rice into the cups...3-4 tablespoons per cup

Step 3: Food Color

Picture of Food Color

One color per cup....

Step 4: Close the Cups

Picture of Close the Cups

Now close the cups...with a lid or foil...

Step 5: Shake It

Picture of Shake It

Shake the cups carefully....until the rice is completely colored...

Step 6: Eggs

Picture of Eggs the cups again and put your eggs into....

Step 7: Shake Again

Picture of Shake Again

Close the cups again and shake it one more time....until the eggs are completely colored....

Step 8: Colored Eggs

Picture of Colored Eggs take out the eggs of the cups...

Step 9: Drying

Picture of Drying

...let the eggs dry for about 10 minuntes.....and you're READY.

Pretty cool, huh ???


Lady Judy (author)2016-03-29

I can try this at home. I like this.Can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016??? I hope i win that contest. Thank you :)

Evelyn348 (author)2016-02-23

could use dry beans for a different look too. I will try this for Easter.

Ehlers_TV (author)Evelyn3482016-02-23

Yes, great idea :-)

KrazyK4 (author)2016-02-22

colour them with dye.Would that work?

Ehlers_TV (author)KrazyK42016-02-23


TaylorM31 (author)2016-02-23

does it matter what size the cups are?

Ehlers_TV (author)TaylorM312016-02-23

...bigger than the eggs would be good :-D

No, it doesn't matter....

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