In this Instructable, we are very excited to show you how to DYE your LIVE BAIT FISH vibrant colors with Vicious Bait Dye, which is an Eco-friendly and Biodegradable product that won't hurt your live bait fish.

Step 1: Https://youtu.be/nF7Lbu5CjfI

Follow the link in the title if you cannot view the video. Thank you!

Step 2:

The pink bait fish work awesome!
Thanks Bootleg Outdoors!
<p>Cool. Colored fish are really expensive at the pet store.</p>
<p>lol, thanks, they actually used to sell gold fish in bait stores when I was younger. Maybe they still do in some places. I thought that wasn't smart because you don't want to release non-native species in lakes, etc. </p>
<p>with the old feeder goldfish, wasn't really a problem, as they weren't too smart. Any that got loose were quickly eaten by the sport fish. They also take a fair bit of time to grow large enough to be a problem...</p><p>Now, take your current asian carp and you have a problem. Faster growing, 'smarter', and much more aggressive. they can quickly decimate a local diverse fish population.</p>
<p>I agree and although I personally don't have a problem with folks using gold fish in bait stores, I have seen a lot of opposition to it.</p>
<p>I wonder what the long term effects are... gold fish are pretty hardy, but breathing that stuff may not be good for them. less of a problem in bait fish. more of an issue for pets.</p><p>Presumably, after a few weeks, they would return to their normal color. </p>
<p>Thank you, great question. Indeed, the dye isn't permanent and the company of course stands by the commitment to keep the highest standards relating to the product being eco-friendly. </p>
<p>That is very neat.</p>
<p>Thank you, Josehf!</p>

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