Dye With Crepe Paper!





Introduction: Dye With Crepe Paper!

Hi everybody!

So in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to dye your hair in the cheaper way!
Hope you enjoy ;)

Step 1: Materials

You need only crepe paper and a little container where you'll put water and crepe paper, but it's better if you wear an old t-shirt, plastic gloves and if you use some plastic sheets to cover your hair while waiting.

Step 2: Video Tutorial

Here it is a video tutorial where is shown everything you would have to know.

Anyways some people asked me some question so here are a further tips to help you:

  • your hair must be blonde (or at least almost blonde), if they are not the results may change from person to person;
  • the longer you keep the solution on your hair the longer it will last (and also the color would be more vivid);
  • if you don't use gloves and plastic to protect your hands and your clothes the color would stay for a long time also on your skin and shirt;
  • is better not to wash with shampoo the first time, if you like use only conditioner;
  • in the video you can't see well the result on my hair (it was the second time I did it so I didn't wait enough time before wash it away).

Step 3:

If you have any question you can ask ;)




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very clever ?

wow! i wish i had blonde hair instead of black :(

I never knew you could do that with crepe paper! Thanks for sharing your video :)