Picture of Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper
Im back !!!! and reloaded !!
My first instructable was  Extreme hair colours without chemical products .. long tittle, wasnt explaining exactly what I wanted to show .... mmmmm not so good... So I decided to follow Scoochmaroo's advice, and make a Step-by-Step tutorial by adding more pics and more information..

So here I am!!!!
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Step 1: Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper

Picture of Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper
What we are going to need is...

1) CREPE PAPPER------ yes the most important part of the process....

2) Gloves

3) Really important: Crepe paper only works if the hair is blonde!!!! iI know... it sucks.. but since Im not blond I had to bleach it..

** By bleaching it, it will get harmed, so you must think twice before doing it**

Note: I used an old hair bang I had, it has a faded pink color... but it worked anyways

Step 2: Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper

Picture of Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper
First you need to choose the colour of the paper u want..... I chose blue once and it turned out to be a little bit lighter at the end..
second.... choose the amount of hair you want, YOU CANT HAVE YOUR HAIR WET.... IT HAS TO BE DRY
third put on your gloves.... grabb the paper, make a little ball with it, and let the water run... you will see that when the paper gets wet it will start losing the colour..

I didnt notice any difference between hot and cold water...

Step 3: Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper

Picture of Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper
After making sure that the paper is loosing the color start pressing it against you hair... if u see that the paper is getting super small grabb another piece.... and continue.... once you had done the amount of hair you wanted, dry it and ready.. check out the results....

* It wont last much, maybe a couple of days and it will start fading away, ONCE AGAIN ITS REALLY IMPORTANT TO BLEACH IT in case you are not blonde!!!

* This technique can leave some color spots around the place youve been working, so make sure to clean everything!

BTW... Crepe paper is the only one that works because under the water lose the colour, another papers dont do that


Can I wash my hair when I do it? I mean when I do all the steps?

Nice idea. Thanks for sharing it.

blah!!!2 years ago
you dnt have to bleach your hair to do this my mom snd my aunt bout did this and they have thick dark hair and it worked without them bleaching it
Juleemt (author)  blah!!!2 years ago
Once again thanks, im really surprised, i would like to see how it worked out. i cant explain it myself! ;D thanks!
porklips2 years ago
Thanks for such a neato idea. I have blond hair and hate it always trying to change things up. Today will be blue!
Juleemt (author)  porklips2 years ago
You are welcome!!! Its always good to try new things!

I bet you will look amazing!! :D
That is really cool! Thanks for sharing.
Juleemt (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
You are welcome!! thank you for commenting!! ;D